ive officially been cut off!

  1. so i thought i'd share a funny story that sadly ends with my bf pretty much banning me from buying any more new bags (unless im going to resell them):

    *bf sees me looking at pics of upcoming prints*
    him: "why are you looking at more bags? im gonna have to put you in TDBA"
    me: "TDBA?"
    him: "tokidoki bags anonymous"
    me: "oh.. lol.. i already am! im on a website for that..."
    him: "well, no more bags! im banning you from buying anymore bags"
    me: "from like, right this second on?" (thinking about the dolce i purchased earlier)
    him: "from the past 6 hours"
    me: *guilty look*
    him: "20 hours?!?!"
    me: *more guilty looks... turns head away whistling innocently while thinking about the dolce AND the zucca*
    him: :noggin:

    so, i figure since we're apparently not getting amore here in NY and spiaggia wont be out for at least another month or so, by then the ban should be lifted and then i can enjoy the summer with my new spiaggia BV :p
  2. I re-read the first line like 3 times b/c I was thinking TDBA :confused1: :confused1: ...then I got further down :lol: :lol: :lol:

    So I'm a little confused did you get something in Amore or no? :shrugs: Sorry to hear you're :banned: I need to be on a ban too ! :cursing:
  3. i just recently got a paradiso campeggio and caramella from the south hampton outlet. so hopefully i can stop myself from buying anymore until this summer. i think a lot of us need to ban ourselves for a little bit. i hope you will be ok.
  4. lol i didnt know what TDBA was either until he said the whole thing. i was like, that's a lot of letters!

    nope, no amore for me. i got the paradiso dolce & adios star zucca... that's it :crybaby:

    now watch, i'll see it in the mall here next week, an amore stellina in my perfect print & i'll be :cursing: :mad::rant::censor:
  5. Well if you stumble upon your perfect print amore stellina you'll just have to be :sneaky: about it. If he's with you tell him ur goin to the bathroom, put it on hold and go back for it later!! :yes: If he's not w/you buy it and hide it until it seems like the :ban: might be lifted...or when he's feeling a bit weak and not enforcing the ban so much!! :lol:
  6. aww tokidokicouture that sucks =/ i feel your pain since i JUST bought another Amore bag! this time in Dolce from macys :biggrin: but yea, you can always hide your loot until the ban is lifted and all of a sudden your new bags can "miraculously" appear!!
  7. I'm sure he'll cave and let you buy just ONE more...come on, you NEED an Amore, how can someone NOT have one?!?!!? :sad: lol...I wasn't supposed to get one either..but he caved.
  8. are you learning to be sneaky from me?? :graucho:
  9. that paradisio dolce didnt happen to be on eBay, did it?;) Cause I was watching that one too, perfect placement!! but im on a very flexible self imposed ban!!:graucho:
  10. haha. Yeah, guys will always cave.
  11. tokidoki lover, i was watchig that one too, it was beautiful, such a small bag and sushi-dude was right in the middle!

    buy it when he's not with you and tell him someone got it for you as a present. :graucho: i guess he's not gonna buy that, ha? :sweatdrop:
  12. it was supposed to be the one off eBay... but i lost the auction by $1.00!! cuz i was on my way to work! but luckily, lindsey at the southhampton outlet found me the SAME PRINT PLACEMENT so I snatched it up for, hmm, I guess $6 less including NYS tax & shipping :smile:
  13. cool congrats!
  14. Yup!!! Sneak McSNeakster tought me a thing or two (thats u btw) :sneaky: :sneaky: :sneaky: :sneaky:
  15. hmm, :hrmm: smuggle it in as a "present" for someone else??:sneaky: that could work! :idea: or.. i could say im BORROWING it from another equally toki obsessed friend! :angel: