I've ODed on LV....

  1. well I think I've ODed on LV. Here's my story:
    I started in April of this year. I convinced hubby to let me get a Lodge PM in black MC. it wasn't cheap as you all know ($1200 price tag at the time) and he about had a coronary in the store. But smiled and thought that would be the end of it.
    Then I found this place...and ogled pictures day and night. Hubby thought I was strange...but oh well:shrugs:
    So then in May I bought a Speedy mono and a mono wallet. I also decided at this time that I would give up my gambling habit (I used to go to the casino once a week) and spend all my time researching and looking at pretty LV bags.
    Then came the onslaught....between June and today I accumulated a TOn of bags (well in my world it's a ton...for other ladies on here it may not be).
    Here's what I've bought since April:
    Lodge PM black MC
    Mono speedy
    Mono wallet
    Cerises cles
    Cerises speedy
    Cerises pochette
    Silver graffiti pochette
    Khaki graffiti pochette
    Peach graffiti pochette
    Mini lin cles
    pink/pink CB pochette
    brown/pink CB pochette
    Damier speedy 30
    red/cream CB pochette
    Birth of Modern Luxury book
    panda cles
    panda pochette
    Batignolles vertical

    So last night hubby tells me I am cut off for a long time. I argued with him a little about it.....he doesn't even know about the Groom pieces coming in (and the red/cream pochette is hidden away).
    But now that I think about it....I wonder if I ODed? I haven't had a chance to wear ALOT of pieces because they kept coming in every week in the mail/Fedex.
    I am seriously contemplating taking a break after Groom. I still have 4 pieces left on my discontinued list...but I know they'll be there in a couple months (CB retro, CB papillon, CB cles & graffiti speedy).

    Does anyone ever get this way? Am I dumb for thinking this? Am I crazy for buying so much in such a short time?

    I know hubby will cave in, it'll take a week or so but he always does.

    Any advice appreciated ladies & gents:smile:
  2. I just also started collecting LV in April of this year. However, my collection is smaller. If you can afford to buy the items, then no, you are not crazy to purchase them. Enjoy your collection.
  3. LOL...Well you got attacked by LV bugs..you will slow down eventually. It's part of the cycle..being in PF will not cure your problem. I think your LV problem is much better than gambling problem.
  4. I am with you!!! Let's do it together (take a break, I mean!)!!!:yes: But it's nice to be on a buying streak once in a while!:graucho:
  5. Oh, how I wish I could buy like you..! Well, I think that as long as your LV addiction doesn't really get you into trouble(does it?), and you can afford it, why not? :P
  6. hmm.. i didn't quite go as far as you did, but that's probably because I don't have the funds to do so..

    This is my timeline:

    LV Mono Mini Josephine -Christmas 2004
    LV Mono Trouville - Christmas 2005
    LV Mono Speedy 25 - Christmas 2005
    Gucci Pink Abbey & Wallet - January 2006
    Gucci Bag - July 2006
    Gucci Beige Amalfi - August 2006
    LV Mono Klara - August 2006
    LV Mono Mat Shelton Noir - August 2006
    LV Panda Cles - August 2006
    LV Mono Mat French Wallet Noir - August 2006
    LV Mono Mat Fowler Violet - August 2006
    LV Mono Mini Lucille PM Noir - September 2006
    LV Vernis Perle Malibu Street - September 2006
    LV Epi Red Jasmin - September 2006

    I forgot to mention that I joined the PF in August.. notice the increase in bag buying at that time??

    My parents and my bf have lost all hope in me.. and I think so has my bank account! Right now the only thing I'm yearning for is the Mono Mizi. I have to give myself pep talks EVERY DAY to STOP obsessing about bags. So far.. it's worked.. but it's only been like 2 days.. :angel: It's really hard, especially surfing this site every day. :sweatdrop: I seriously hope this stops soon.. I think I'm going nuts!! :hysteric:I haven't used 3 of the bags and the one wallet.. and the Shelton I've only used 1x!!
  7. Yes, I hate to say it but I have also purchased a few bags I have not carried yet and they just sit in the closet. I guess when you do that and never carry them you have OD'ed! UGH! I just can't think of not buying some beautiful LV bag tho! LOL
  8. My aunt told me not to buy too many bags in a short period of time because there will always be new designs coming out. I got my 1st LV in May, and now I have:

    Fuchsia baggy pm
    Monogram Speedy 30
    Beige speedy inclusion keychain
    Cerises cles
    White MC wapity

    And now I'm looking for an epi piece, maybe the red pochette. I'm trying to cut down though! I don't want to buy my next full sized purse until at least March when Holt Renfrew has a private shopping night so that I can get a gift card!:P

    And also since last December I've gotten:

    1 Guess purse
    2 Dooney & Bourke bags
    1 Coach bag
    1 Chloe paddington

    And before this year I didn't have any designer purses! I remember when I got my guess purse last December and it came out to about $103 with tax and I thought that was sooo expensive at the time!:lol:
  9. Twiggers, take a break...LV is great, but it's not worth potential marital problems.

    Try this: Focus on wearing all the bags. If you haven't done so already, post pics of the bags and/or yourself wearing them in the LV Club and Visual Aids threads. After you've worn each of them at least 5 times (on 5 different days:lol: ), then buy a new piece if you feel the urge. Seriously, we need to make sure that it's not just all about the pursuit of a new bag, KWIM?:flowers:
  10. Wow...you have ODED on LV....this year I bought 4 Gucci's(all were on sale ranging from 30-50% off so I could not say no), 1MJ and an LVspeedy 30 and pouchette and I am officially cut off for a very long time. I am going to ask my husband for a wallet for X-mas (LV or Gucci). This year I spent more than I can afford to and previous years would only get 1-2 nice handbags..not sure what happened this year...I got hooked and now I am on a self imposed shopping ban. It got to the point were I was living beyond my means and wanting more than I can afford so, I got my LV and now I am going to enjoy what I have. Enough is enough unless you can afford it. In my case I have caviar taste on a kraft dinner budget. After I pay off my over spending I will wisely choose an LV that I love and save up for it. How some ladies can afford huge collections is beyond me??? By the time you pay rent, hydro, food, car and insurance there is not a whole lot left. My advise unless you are super rich is to truly enjoy all of the beautiful purchases that you have. Did you post a pic of your collection I would love to see it!!! Good luck!!!!!
  11. Wow...that is quite the buying streak! I went in to Holt one day and they had about 6 bags I really wanted. I ended up buying 3. It was kind of cool to buy 3 bags at once, but I have learned to spread my purchases out a little. It is better for my bank account and I can enjoy my new bags more. It might be nice for you to take a little break and try out all your new bags, then you can have a better idea of what else you might want to add to your collection.
  12. Yes Irene I'll gladly join you....can we start after Groom releases though?:graucho:
  13. LOL Twiggers, the title of your post gave me giggles! I dont mind being OD'd in LV or Hermes. I dont think you have a problem, keep up the good work and KEEP BUYING *wink*
  14. Wow!!- How would you have time to enjoy all those items? Its not a contest to have the biggest collection. Collections are obtained over years- not months. It seems like a buying impulse that is causing potential marital problems.

    Good Luck Twiggers- I will think good thoughts....
  15. Everyone else: Thank you! I am so glad to know I'm not crazy!
    As for finances....basically what I spent on LV is the equivalent to what I would have spent gambling (yes...I am a pathological gambler - not joking at all...according to the DSM I have a serious gambling addiction) and really I have an addictive personality and I think I have just substituted one for the other (LV for gambling).
    So this isn't the reason hubby mentioned it.....he just thinks I'm ODing on it and I should savor my purchases and enjoy them.
    It isn't causing any marital problems at all....he spends just as much on his toys. I honestly think the difference is that when I gambled the money was just out of the bank and no biggie. But with the LVs he opens the closet and they are all piled up and reminding him LOL

    Great suggestion about posting bags in the visual aids thread! I haven't even had the time to share most of my purchases because they kept rolling in. So I think I am going to take that advice....I'll post them in the visual aids thread, the clubhouse and on here. I'll try to rotate them all in (gosh my poor cerises pochette was bought about 2 months ago and got overshadowed by some other bag that came in and I haven't seen her since or even worn her).

    I am going to be strong!!!!! I will get my groom pieces this week because they're LE...and then stop!!!!!!! At least until my birthday in mid-November (that's almost 2 months).

    ***Hugs**** Thanks ladies!

    any other suggestions?