I've never strayed from LV - advice

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  1. I've been buying LV for the last 12 years and have not once strayed to another brand, ever. I've started to look around at what else is out there and ive fallen a bit in love with the Gucci Marmont Flap bag in small (the nude colour).

    Now maybe this should be in the Gucci forum but I'm really hoping to get LV enthusiasts input on this. My hesitation with Gucci is that it's too trendy at the moment, especially this particular bag. LV to me will always be classic, and not only that, but most of my purses from LV are classics too. The few that aren't classic, flew under the radar so never blew up to be trendy.

    So back to the Gucci marmont; what do we think of it? I'm worried it will become dated and a thing of the past,, especially the big GG logo. I buy bags to keep forever so never buy with the intention of "oh I can just sell it later" (even though I have ended up selling some). I know if I want similar look that is classic I could just go Chanel but I'm not fond of Chanel and they're too expensive for me anyway since I don't like to buy preloved.

    Thoughts would be appreciated!
  2. I don’t buy a bag because it’s a specific brand. I buy what I like. I have a mix of designer, contemporary designer, lesser known brands and basically no-name bags. So if you like a bag and think you’ll get enough uses out of it to make it worth the money you’ll pay, who cares what brand it is? :smile: and if you fear it’ll be dated too quickly and won’t use/enjoy it enough to make it worthwhile, then pass.
  3. I actually like the marmont line! I have the Marmont small matelassé shoulder bag in dusty pink and I love it! I agree with @karman get what you like!
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  4. Thanks, thats why I'm looking at broadening my horizons a little but I'm such a novice when it comes to other brands since I've been in LV land for so long. So I don't have the experience to know whether a purse from another designer will stand the test of time
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  5. I buy what I like, fashion is too fickle to do otherwise.

    I do have the marmont flap in the small size— I have it in emerald green (I’d been looking for an emerald green bag for some time. Lots of luxury designers seem to stay away from that color), which was only sold for a short amount of time. I love the bag. It’s functional and holds a lot. I like the clasp and the leather and the antique gold hardware. (I also have the super mini in the beige/dusty pink color. It’s so cute!). Even if the bag fell out of favor, I’d still rock it because I love it.

    If you like the bag, get it.:smile:
  6. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself with a trendy piece once in awhile! (Or all the time for trend lovers :lol:)
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  7. I’m a long time lv buyer and Gucci as well. I am not a marmont fan. It I still love my Gucci.
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  8. I have brands other than LV as well and I’ve recently fallen in love with the Marmont flap as well. Just waiting to save up a bit before buying one. I’m going to get it because I like it. I honestly wouldn’t know what’s in or out of style right now, I buy what I like and that I know I’ll use. Good luck!!
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  9. Personally, I think the Gucci Marmont line is totally played out. However, there is nothing wrong with looking at other brands. :smile: I can’t find anything I love at LV these days...
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  10. You have great source here at TPF. Go read through the Gucci forum and Marmont club. Always educate yourself before you buy. I personally love the look of the Marmont line but feel the leather and chain reflect the cheaper price point when compared with LV.
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  11. Yes, the Marmont line is trendy. However, the leather is supple and has held up for me. I'm particularly in love with my Marmont Camera bag. If you love it, get it!
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  12. i have a marmont bag. I have the large camera bag. I know it is trendy and will probably be out of fashion in a few years, but boy do i love it. I have no hesitation in recommending it to you!!!
  13. Ditto this :tup:
  14. What about the LV Wave Camera Bag? Nothing wrong with straying to another brand, but if you are having doubts it might be worth looking at the LV.