I've NEVER seen this but now I WANT it!!!

  1. LV_addict - you know what??? i can always count on you to do 'my' LV shopping! hehehehehehe!!! i just LOVE seeing what you get!!! hehehe!!! SO, this could be the next piece, aye?????
  2. Wow, I've never seen this either.
  3. I want it too!!! It seems like a really good price???!!! What do you think??? I have no $$$$....but I am certain that you should get that!!! It is really unique!
  4. Looks very interesting! Irene, you should def. get it if you like it!!!!! Very unique!
  5. wow, that's interesting, go for it! :smile:
  6. A few weeks ago when I posted that "Eye Dare You" bag, the woman was also listing this mesh bag.
    I think it's so cool.
    And that's a good price I think.
  7. Cute!
  8. Very unique & different. Get it !
  9. It's really cool, I hope you get it.
  10. I recall viewing this when it first was launched but it was not really my style:shame:
  11. I've seen them on ebay before but never in real life- they must have an awesome, slinky texture!
  12. I Love It.......Fabulous Bag!!! :smile:
  13. Yep, this is one of the very few and rare vegan LV bags !
  14. Irene - I had one and just sold it. I searched for this bag forever! Here's a few things to think about. The strap is very long - about a 25" drop. I'm 5'6" and it hung past my hip. And because the bag is mesh, it has no structure. So when I wore it, it looked like a long piece of silver and black hanging on my side.

    It's a beautiful and rare LV but to me, it was one of those bags that looked better in the dusbag than when being worn.

    BTW - it also comes in gold.

    Here's a picture of mine, it has a piece of cardboard inside to keep it from collapsing.