I've never seen this before! When did this Guccissima design come out? r/o

  1. Does anyone know what style it is called?

    Thanks for you help! :smile:
  2. I havent seen that one either..is that on eBay?
  3. Hi, I look at page 33 and the 6th post, and I could not see the same bag ??:confused1: doo I make something wrong?
  4. ^ You can see it on the first page, post 13
  5. That's the one, thanks :smile:
  6. Thank´s emald37 now I could see the bag :yahoo:
  7. i think it came out on the same yr the Guccisima leather came out, 2-3 yrs ago... Hobo guccisima, it came out in green and blue, as well...
  8. It also came in a deep purple . it is a legitimate Gucci imprinted leather. I believe it came out 2 years ago as well.
  9. It's called the Guccissima horsebit hobo, I believe.
  10. thanks everyone!!!
  11. P.S. what do you all thikn of it? i tried a search, but it doesn't seem to be a very popular bag.... :confused1:
  12. IMO it's strap is to small for the body of the bag, not in proportion is what I think I am trying to say. The Guccissima Biba is much nicer personally.