i've never seen this bag before, rop

  1. Yes, there's also a montsouris, 3 noe sizes, bucket, briefcase, some kind of organizer plus a wine case =) Maybe theres more but these are the only ones I've seen.
  2. my friend's mum actually had the speedy SO'ed in vachetta.
  3. Ouh, I don't like this... looks strange. :huh:
  4. Is Angelina's Alma the same as the one in the auction?
    AJolie-Alma Nomade Leather.jpg
  5. ^Oooh good eye! I think so :yes:
  6. i looks like fresh pig skin to me. i really dont' like it. :sad:
  7. i think the vachetta would look beautiful once the patina has developed! it looks naked when its barely new.
  8. oh yea.. they at one point made a speedy, the alma, a noe and a bucket in pure vachetta leather. it's kinda awesome, imo.
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