I've never really been a dog lover, UNTIL...

  1. ...I saw the Kelly Dog bracelet at H!!! After I dropped off my Birkin for a repair, I saw this and could not leave without it! Kelly Dog bracelet in Thalassa Blue box leather with PH and white stitching. I'm no 24, Faubourg and my pics stink but you can get the idea. I love layering it with my tennis bracelet!

    I decided to save the rest of my b'day money towards a Bolide. But this was a wonderful treat!
    IMG_1600.jpg IMG_1603.jpg IMG_1605.jpg
  2. Congrats, GT! Love the color! It looks fabulous on you!!!
  3. ^ Thanks! I was suprised to find ANYTHING in Thalassa. I wish they would bring this color back into production for bags. In box, it's sublime. :smile:
  4. GT, that bracelet is definitely no dog! It's FANTASTIC and it looks super-chic on you (esp. w/ that TDF tennis bracelet!). Congratulations!
  5. Oh so this is in place of a CDC??!!! I LOVE the bleu color...and you will love this bracelet!! A little edgey with all that Hermes class...congrats!!
  6. GORGEOUS, GT!!!!!! It looks GREAT on you!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
  7. Greentea, you did really well:drool:

    I have only one Thalassa piece but love it dearly.
  8. GT, that bracelet is so hip! i love it!
  9. It looks fab on you GT!!! I love it. Congrats!
  10. Love it, looks fab on you, congrats!
  11. Congratulations!! It looks great on you, i love the color :smile:
  12. Yeah!!! Congratulations!!! I just love thalassa!:love:
  13. That is SOOOOO pretty GT! Yesterday with Sarah-girl, I was eyeing all the bracelets. I tried on Sarah's gorgeous Collier black croc----SOOOOOOOO pretty!
  14. I totally love it! it looks great! color is beautiful too:nuts:
  15. That's a truly gorgeous bracelet GT, and Thalassa box.....:love: :love: