I've never met a purse I didn't like..

  1. I've finally been able to take all my purses out and photograph them. I really enjoy looking at everyone's collections, so I hope you all enjoy mine :smile:

    I'll start with my Lambies.

    In the first family portrait, the Carlisles and Treviso clutch are on the left, My Bullseye Wilbury is in the front, I have a lipstick Mandeville and a Lipstick Chateau clutch (I need more lipstick!), then my Glazed Nude Capri, my Leopard Mandeville and behind that is my new Saddle Rowington. Behind that is my Saddle Commodore, and in the back center is my Cheetah Grantham tote. I hope I didn't forget any of them!
    family.jpg lambs1.jpg cheetah lambs.jpg lambies.jpg lamb mandevilles.jpg
  2. Very nice-[​IMG]
  3. Wow, what an awesome collection! Love it!
  4. aww thanks guys! i'll try to post the rest tonight
  5. Here are some more :love:
    belen echandia .jpg hhorsay1.jpg Tano and Tylie.jpg JS and RM MA.jpg
  6. :shame: and some LV's
    key6.jpg LVS.jpg
  7. wow! nice lamb collection!
  8. It's really hot collection !!!!!!!!!!
  9. Almost forgot! Linea Pelle Messenger, Rebecca Minkoff Date Clutch and the phenomenally heavy Betsey Johnson Union Hobo. :jammin: And in in loving memory, the Deep Purple city tote. On to a more appreciative home tomorrow. :smile:
    lineapelle.jpg bj1.jpg bj2.jpg rmdate.jpg foley back.jpg
  10. Love the variety!
  11. Thanks Toni. I really love lots of different styles and colors :smile: and unfortunately for my wallet, my newest love is LV lol!!
  12. great collection!
  13. Love the grey Minkoff and LVs!
  14. Wow!! That's a very nice collection you have there. I especially love your LV's.
  15. I love them all!!! I'm partial to the LAMB's of course, but that red LV is TDF!!!!:love: And you have one of my favorite movie posters up!! I love Giant!!! :yes: