I've Never had Sushi! What do I order?

  1. I love fish, I love Chinese and Japanese food, but I have no idea what's what in the sushi world. I had a raw tuna appetizer recently at a restaurant and it was to die for. It tasted like the best fillet mignon I've ever had with ginger and a sweet/spicy sauce. We have a new sushi restaurant in our area and everything looks so pretty, but I don't know what anything is? What is the black, flat stuff that it's rolled in? Seaweed? What should a beginner order? How do you eat it?

  2. the flat black stuff is pressed seaweed, it doesn't taste like much of anything, it's more there for it's functional purpose than anything.

    if you really liked the tuna, i'd recommend something like a spicy tuna roll or tuna nagiri (nagiri is just a piece of fish/shrimp/crab/etc on top of a little pad of rice). or, most servers at sushi restaurants are pretty knowledgeable, i'd tell your server that you're a sushi novice but like tuna and ask for some recommendations and explanations of the things on the menu.
  3. Try Sashimi! I love it. I've never had sushi, as I don't eat rice. Sahsimi tuna is fabulous!
  4. If you've never had sushi before..I'd try the rolls out first...california roll, spicy tuna roll, salmon roll...are a few you can try out.
  5. Spider roll=-yum! (don't worry-it's fried softshell crab ). I could list tons-I love sushi! Spicy tuna roll is another of my favorites
  6. California rolls and soft shell crab are YUMMMMMM!!!

    They are 2 of my favorites.

    The raw tuna appetizer you said sounded like tuna sashimi. I love sashimis as well, although I prefer salmon rather than tuna. You eat them with the soya sauce and washabi.
  7. My favorites are:
    Godzilla Roll- tempura, avodaco, spicy sauce
    Dragon Roll- eel, cucumber, avocado, spicy sauce. My favorite place puts avocado, tempura flakes and caviar on top and arranges it on the plate so it really looks like a dragon.
    Ebi Nigiri- shrimp on a little ball of sweet rice
    Spicy Crab Roll- crab and spicy sauce
    California Roll- avocado, imitation crab, carrot and mayonnaise

    All the ones I just listed are cooked. If I eat sashimi, I always get tuna. I like it way better than the salmon, because I think it has a nicer texture and milder flavor...
  8. I just LOVE

    Green dragon roll - shrimp tempura rolls wrapped in avocado
    Salmon sashimi - raw strips of salmon (soooo tender)
    Spicy tuna roll
    Spicy yellow tail roll

    Also I like to order edamame (soy beans with salt) when I eat sushi.
  9. definitely start out with something like a spicy tuna roll or california roll
    as you can NEVER go wrong with those ;)
    then start trying out the different types of fish like yellowtail, salmon, albacore
    i love those three haha
  10. Salmon and yellow tail are the best, to me! If they're fresh, they don't have fishy taste at all. I second Spider roll, so delicious! Roasted eel is good too, if you don't mind it looks like a worm in real life, it's actually a fish!
  11. Get a roll or cone shaped wrap, you can't go wrong with any of those and the cone is fun to eat with your hands. If you want to try a medley of raw fish, try the chirashi bowl... it's a variety of sashimi over a bowl of seasoned rice.

    I love cooked eel roll and mackerel is my favorite (it is a stronger taste) a la carte piece. My least favorites are octopus and squid, the texture is hard for me handle without feeling like gagging sometimes, too spongy-blubbery...
  12. You have to try a hamachi nigiri (the small individual pieces). Hamachi is a fish that in my opinion is so much more buttery than even the best grade of maguro/tuna. Its my absolute fave along with maguro...I also love the combination rolls they do at restaurants (like a fresh crab california roll with unagi or eel on top with thai chili sauce and unagi glaze...). I adore sushi! Its the celebration dinner dh will be going out to buy for me as soon as I give birth to this next little one! :drool: Have fun experimenting!