I've never done this before but...

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  1. ...here's a group shot of my entire Bal family!! I initially wanted to see how well my Black First would blend into my entire collection and I somewhat gotten carried away:sweatdrop:

    Here's everything I have and love. I know it's quite small compared to others but I hope it won't be for long..


    My first:

    My latest:

    My yet to be broken in:

    My favorite:

    My little ones:
  2. So colorful! They're lovely, mischka!:tup:
  3. :heart: Beautiful collection!!! Thanks for posting!!!
  4. Wow, gorgeous mix of colors:0)
    Thanks for brightening up my day!
  5. Love the colours in your collection. Your Work has got super yummy leather!!!
  6. You have a gorgeous family!!
  7. Congrats on your beautiful and colourful family! With that variety of sizes and colours I think it's the perfect family size, although of course we all want more - all the time...
  8. Love your collection! All the leather looks fantastic!
  9. What a beautiful collection!! You got so many gorgeous b-bags there. :tup:
  10. What a beauuuuutiful collection! Your violet work is TDF! Is the red PT a Ruby?
  11. yummy collection with beautiful colors mishka. love your violet's leather the most, it's TDF, every other bags too. congrats, you've picked the great ones.
  12. Beautiful collection!
  13. Mischka- Loooove your Twiggy. Aren't twiggys the most comfortable bags to use? So practical. :drool::drool: Love your whole collection!
  14. So gorgeous and colorful and I love that fabulous bench!!
  15. What year is the black first??Great collection, congrats!