I've never bought a Gucci before...looking at the Bouvier

  1. Hi,

    I mostly post on the Chloe board, but lately I've been thinking about getting a Gucci medium Bouvier in the guccisima leather. I have a few basic newbie questions:

    does this bag only come in black, white and brown? I was hoping to get it in maybe a burgundy color - does that exist?

    Will this bag ever go on sale? Is it possible that some form of it will go on sale this summer?

  2. I think I've seen it in the burgundy color called "Rust" or something along those lines on Bluefly.
  3. thanks, but i'm anti-bluefly. i bought TWO fake chloe handbags from them, and they were realy difficult about returning them. while their gucci may be authentic, i don't want to support bluefly in any way.

    also, i was thinking of buying it sometime next year - maybe in january.
  4. Wow, that sucks about getting screwed not once, but twice. Maybe give the outlets a call?
  5. bouviers were on sale last summer, both the small and large size. It wasn't the classic colors from what I remember, it was a brown one with pink and green fabric canvas stripe down the middle. If there's another seasonal color now, then it may go on sale this summer too.
  6. love the bouvier. Try calling the outlets. Good luck.
  7. I have had nothing but positive experience with Bluefly. They do sell authentic products. It's unfortunate that the person you had authenticate your bag gave you false information.