I've never been "waitlisted" before...

  1. and the bag I want has already been sold. They only got one, and it is a limited edition piece. I am now next in line on the waitlist, but what does that really mean? Should I be worried and try to track this bag down at another LV? Or is it too early to panic? They can't really say for sure if they will get another bag in..... what would you guys do? Help - I'm nervous! :hrmm:
  2. What bag are you wanting??
  3. The Biker in Brown.....:love:
  4. I don't think it hurts to call around to other stores or even the toll free number to try to find one.
  5. You need to be pro-active if you reaaly want a limited edition handbag. That means calling around to see if you could find one somewhere else, or getting on other WLs. Sometimes a store only gets ONE limited edition bag.
    Good luck, I hope you get your hands on one!!!!!
  6. For that bag I would call around! That is your best bet!

    When people wait list for bags that are just out of stock it is different, they will eventually get another one it (like the neverfull), but when you want a bag like this, then you really have to be proactive!! Good luck.
  7. Call around list yourself at other stores just because your next on list doesn't mean you'll get it they could bump you for a VIC
    Sometimes you have to chase the LTD EDT bags
  8. I saw the Biker in brown on Saturday 10/20 at the LV boutique in Portland, OR. The store was *deserted* so I'm fairly certain it's still there! The phone number is 503-226-3280. Good luck!!