I've never been so in love

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  1. So, i've bought purses before and slgs and have gone home happy many times before...but i've NEVER been this happy...i bought the monty gm last week and i love the way it looks on ppl, but it's just not for me...i didn't feel comfortable and that is #1 when purchasing a bag...so i returned it today...and got...a batignolles horizontal..and at first i was worried about getting it because a lot of ppl have this purse, but i can see why..it's a great size...my notebook and books fit inside, it's comfortable, and looks good...i love it...and last but not least...MY HOLY GRAIL!!! it came in a day early....my mahina l in noir...

    **sorry for the ugly pics...i can't find my adapter for my camera...where you can see the real beauty of the mahina**

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  2. Here's two more shots...did i mention i love love love these purses...i don't want to put the mahina down!!!

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  3. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: love them both cruz!! huge congrats, yay!!
  4. Congrats :yahoo: The BH is one of my favs and the Mahina is stunning.
  5. i love them both , congrats....:nuts::nuts:
  6. Pretty, congrats!
  7. I have a BH and love it, congrats! ;) The Mahina is a true beauty.
  8. They're both beautiful bags.. enjoy them!!
  9. Beautiful bags! I have both of these! I was also on the fence about the BH! My dh literally talked me into getting one! LOL The 1st time I used it, it was love!

  10. Congrats!
  11. Congrats on your two perfect LV choices!! Enjoy;)
  12. Congrats! They are both so lovely!
  13. Yay congrats!! Love them both!
  14. Congrats!!!!!
  15. Congrats! Both are beauties! :yes: