i've never been so close to buy the tobago SB

  1. hi guys,

    Long post ;)

    Today is the first summer sale day here in Belgium.

    So i woke up pretty early for a saturday to be one of the first in line for the opening of the GUCCI store.

    My holy grail bag (from Gucci : a big floppy male bag interpreted by a woman classic) was unfortunatly not is sale.

    i was pretty upset so decided to get a little heartwarming session at the LV store located a few step from the Gucci store.

    SO ;) ... i've asked to check the black tobago shoe bag, the SA was pretty kind, let me play a little with the bag (i've transfered some of my goodies from my naviglio to check how the tobago looked when stuffed).

    Unfortunatly, the last black one was reserved by a customers BUT the SA can manage a transfer from another store (gheee).

    SO i have to take my decision and call her monday morning to have the bag transfered.

    It's a lot of money but i'm in love with this bag.:confused1:

  2. My friend from work- fellow LV lover is always telling me or asking me- "Did the bag speak to you"- "Does it give you goosebumps" and I can say she's right- every bag that I love(ed) has done this to me.... does the bag do this to you- if so......... yes---- I'd go for it! Good luck!!
  3. If you love it buy it.
  4. Aw, it is a gorgeous bag!

    Get it on Monday!
  5. Have a good think about it ... will you use it??? The only issue I have with mine is that you have to dig around in it as it has no inside pockets and no d-ring.....you have some time to think about it;)