I've never been a fan of Michael Kors until now!

  1. Are you with me on this one? Its so..so...so...I dunno...so awesome! Its like a little posh duffel bag. Am I missing the mark on this one or is this bag as gorgeous as I think it is (given that it is 12:02 A.M. and I'm a tad tipsy, my judgment may be impaired) but I hope I still feel the same about this little gem of a bag in the morning.

    Do you likey? Or no likey?

    I kind of like the chocolate color more but that tan is making me think of caramel covered apples right now :shame:

    Pictures courtesy of Shopbop.com
    mkhnb2000011841_prod_medium.jpg mkhnb2000011141_prod_medium.jpg
  2. I am a fan of Michael Kors. That bag is cute. I like both colors. Are you getting it?
  3. Speaking of which, he's on QVC right now. lol
  4. A lot of the bags Michael Kors put out recently for both his main line and bridge line are awesome. I am not normally a fan either, but I have spotted ones recently that I really like. The one in the above pics is cute. I like in the darker brown.
  5. I like a lot of his bags. I'm not a big fan of that one though. Something about the way the exterior extra zipped compartment looks turns me off.
  6. i love the one in darker brown! how much is it??!?! where did you find it?
  7. I love the Michael Kors Astor Satchel. It's a classic and only 298.00. I saw the new Pewter & Bronze one at Nordstroms. Gorgeous.