I've narrowed it down to two....

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  1. Tulum PM


    Tikal GM

    -I want something I can wear with jeans and something that'll look cute dressed up...Out of the two, which is it?
  2. Tikal GM! One of my faves :smile:
  3. Tikal!
  4. Tulum!!!
  5. I would normally vote for the Tulum... I'll go for the Tikal this time! :biggrin:
  6. i second Tikal :smile:
  7. i prefer the Tikal. the Tulum looks so bulky
  8. Tikal also. :yes:
  9. I guess the tikal wins :supacool: Anyone know if it can holda bunch of stuff? (and not look too bulky?)
  10. by a bunch of stuff I meant, wallet, keys, phone, lip gloss, agenda, etc
  11. Tikal.
  12. i don't really like the tulum style... so, go for the tikal!
  13. ya think it can hold all that stuff? It doesn't look that much bigger than the tikal pm
  14. Tikal. I love it!!!
  15. I still prefer the Tulum!