I've narrowed it down to TWO- stylish & classy ladies, help!

  1. Hi there ladies! I don't ever post here but I've always noticed how stylish and classy everyone is here.. so I knew instantly when I narrowed it down to TWO that I should come here and ask for your advice! Narrowed WHAT down to two, you ask? Well, I'm super excited to say that I am about to purchase my first watch. No, not my first designer watch. My first watch. EVER. So I definitely want to make this amazing, since I am turning 20 soon and this is my gift to myself after months of hard work.

    Now before anyone says anything about my choices.. I have shopped around for the past 6 weeks, trying to find something. I would appreciate suggestions but I think that I have probably considered almost every option that is appropriate to what I am looking for. However, I don't doubt that someone will come up with something amazing and then I will have to choose between three. :p

    I wanted a classy watch that I could wear for the next 5-7 years.. something durable but feminine. Nothing too trendy, nothing too mature, and definitely nothing that costs more than 2k (at the most- my price point is really 1.5). I originally wanted the j12 but after lots of thought (and I am a die hard Chanel fan, so this was even harder for me) I decided that it was not the watch for me. I wanted silver/steel links.. the j12 in white was the only color that looked good on me and it was a bit too white for me. I wanted a smaller size- the 33m was cute but it didn't strike me was the PERFECT size.

    So I narrowed it down to two choices that I never considered in the beginning. And here they are!

    1. Dior Christal


    2. Gucci G Class

    OR with diamonds


    Here are my thoughts:

    1. Dior: I was never a Dior fan. I never even considered looking at Dior. One day I walked in and was blown away by the service I received there.. and so I just kept browsing until I ended up at the timepieces. This watch is so pretty on. It's feminine and glamorous and just enough. I don't want the diamond bezel. It struck me as being tacky. The size was perfect on my wrist (the Dior and Gucci are pretty similar in size). I took my mom, she loved it. I took my bf, he loved it. Even took my shopaholic, biggest snob in the world friend who HATES my style and she thought it was just perfect. It's really "ME"... or so everyone says.

    2. Gucci: Also didn't consider Gucci. Was walking around Nordstrom one day and ended up at the watch counter because I wanted to get my bf a watch. The SA was wearing a Gucci Twirl watch and I commented on how it was interesting but something I could never buy as my first watch. She pulled a couple items for me to just look at.. and then there this was. It didn't WOW me instantly.. but I put it on and it just looked right. Both are very simple, classy, timeless.. Perfect size, love the steel.. It just struck me as a watch that I could wear for a very long time. A watch that could transition from work to play and still look appropriate. This may sound weird but it kind of represents to me of the path I want to take in my life- how I want to mature and become classy and successful and.. lol. Ramblings.

    So there you have it. My two (three?) choices. I have no clue people! It may not seem as a huge deal to some but for myself... :push: I'm paying for this with my hard-earned money.. and hard-earned it was. I want to look at this watch everyday and think about how I'm really on my way to becoming a real adult. And of course, I want to love and cherish it and wear it forever. It's my first!

    So what do you ladies think? I've tried asking everyone in my life and no one has been of any help! :cursing: My mom just keeps saying how she got her first Rolex when she was 23.. and I don't know what that means! lol maybe she wants me to get a Rolex like herself? Personally, I think I have several years to go before I can get a Rolex without feeling embarassed or self-conscious- maybe even a couple decades. :roflmfao:

    Thank you so much for reading my long long diatribe and thank you even more for understanding and letting me have a space to rant and ramble about this. :heart:
  2. Personally i like the third one (Gucci w/diamonds) It's feminine and less trendy than the Dior.. You may like the Dior now but will you years down the line? The Gucci is totally timeless and will look good with everything :yes:
  3. I like the gucci without diamonds. Just simple, understated elegance!
  4. Choice number 3 looks like something you can wear for years to come. Its lovely. I like the others, I just think this one is far more timeless. Let us know! I think its a BEAUTY!
  5. IMHO, if I were in your shoes-buying my 1st ever real watch from my own hard earned money....I will get one from a traditional watchmaking brand...like tag, tissot, omega, rolex et al.

    Dior and Gucci are stylish watch...a segment of a brand name. of course...they have good quality...but for a real watch connesseur...its not a real watch. your mom is so wise in saying...she got her 1st watch (rolex) at the age of 23:yes:

    If you want to stick with your choices, #2-gucci c class

    HTH :smile:
  6. I have to agree, I would go with an actual watch maker brand and not a designer brand.
    A Tag watch is a great watch and has many different models and prices as well.
  7. Thanks so much for the replies!

    To address the issue of an actual watch maker vs. designer brand:

    I really looked into this.. I hope no one misunderstands me and thinks that I am only into designer brands. It's just that I wasn't crazy about any of the watches I saw. I don't think I appreciate the quality and workmanship of many of the watches from these brands. I want a watch that I will love and that I will wear and feel comfortable and proud of. All of those brands (Rolex, Omega, Tag, etc.) are great, amazing brands but they just didn't do anything for me. I also know that I am looking at this watch as also an accessory.. and the two choices I have really stuck out as items I could wear.

    I am going to look at TAG Heuer watches again in a couple of days.. maybe I will change my mind. But I know for sure that I do NOT want a Rolex or an Omega- it is not me. I would feel so ridiculous and embarassed and self conscious wearing a watch like that.

    Thanks again ladies and keep them replies coming! I think I have made my decision.. but you never know with me because I am the most indecisive person in the world! :biggrin:
  8. i really like the gucci with the diamonds. it does not look so trendy and i think you can wear it for a very long time.
  9. I like the Gucci.
  10. Well...I love the Dior!!!! yes it is trendier, but the Gucci seems blah to me. So, Dior all the way!
  11. I love the Dior design, but I wish it came with diamonds instead.

    I vote for #2 Gucci with the plain diamond markers.

    Good luck! They're all lovely choices.
  12. Gucci w/o diamonds. Classy and yet still everyday. You can dress it up and still wear it with a t-shirt and jeans without looking to "blingy"
  13. I like the second one..I have a Seiko one that looks similar
  14. The Gucci with Diamonds is sooo lovely!!!!!

    Thats a classic that can go the distance...the Dior is a bit more fun yet more trendy looking...

    Keep us posted and dont forget pics!!!!!!!!
  15. #2 or#3 definitely.Do not care at all for #1