I've narrowed it down to 2 colors...


Black Work or Griege Work???

  1. Black

  2. Griege

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  1. I have been soooo indecisive in deciding what color I want in the work. Finally I've narrowed it down to 2 colors black or griege.
    I already have the black in the city and the classique but black is just such a basic I tend to reach for those bags over and over again.
    But the griege is so pretty and it seems to be a bag that even with a bit of wear will look even cooler.
  2. I say get the Griege as you already have two Black bbags .... I know what you mean, I tend to reach for my black bags also but I also have Griege and I really Love it!!!
  3. I love both colors but have to go w/black in the Work... I love mine!
  4. I say greige - get something different - and it's a great color.
  5. greige! it would be gorgeous in the work.
  6. I'll say black for practical purpose. Maybe get the greige in another style?
  7. Greige Work! :yes:
  8. Black for this one
  9. I saw the greige in the work size and it is LOVELY. Howeverk, I think a black work is just so cool and functional and the color is just perfect for balenciaga!! I saw, go for the black work!! But whichever one you get, you'll still be fine. They're both great colors.
  10. Black Work for sure
  11. Greige! It's a neutral that will be a real departure from black.
  12. Wow, this is a close one. Keep the votes coming. I am using this like a coin toss whichever one has the most votes is the one I'm going to get. That's how torn I am between the two colors.:confused1:
  13. i would say griege, but if u love black so much, don't hesitate for more black bags :yes:
  14. If you're not sure = go for BLACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. As you have two black bbags already, I say go for greige. It's a beautiful neutral that goes with so much.