I've missed you guys!

  1. Alright, I must say, between work (it beyond sucks here, but that's a whole other thread), work being done on our house (AHHHH) and feeling crappy from my pregnancy, I have been sorely neglecting tpf!

    I wanted to send out a hello and let everyone know that: 1. I still love Coach (though I have had to curb the spending due to the house and expecting baby expenditures) 2. I am feeling better and finally looking pregnant and not just bloated and fat and 3. I miss you guys and obsessing about our bags!

    So how is everyone?
  2. we have missed you too!!!!

    its good to hear that the baby is coming along fine and i am glad you still love coach!
  3. We've missed you! Really glad to hear you're feeling better and hope your construction work turned out well - I know how stressful that can be. You have lots to catch up on with recent threads - including PCE in June.
  4. Welcome back!
  5. Hey you!

    I've wondered where you went!:smile:
  6. Hey! Welcome back. You should hang out for a little while. There are some really cool purchases going on around here lately!
  7. Welcome back!!
  8. Welcome back!!! I'm so glad to hear that you and your pregnancy is going well. :yes:
  9. I was just thinking about you yesterday and hoping everything was good. Glad to hear you are well! Thanks for checking in.
  10. glad everything is going well. your DD is adorable!
  11. Thanks guys! I am seriously going to try to post a little more regularly, though to be honest - work is so crazy (2 directors quite AT THE SAME TIME and I'm helping fill the void, as well as handle a schedule change and handle a bunch of new responsibilities) that it may be difficult.

    messengerbaglover - thanks so much - she's actually upset with that picture b/c it was taken over Christmas when she was 4 and now she's a "big girl" at 5 and wants a new pic!

    You guys are all so wonderful!
  12. Welcome back LOL! :heart:
  13. Welcome back! It is very good to see you posting.
  14. Hi! Glad to hear you are doing good. I haven't been on here as much either. With it being Spring, I have lots of work to keep me busy outside! I am happy to hear that your pregnancy is going good! Take care & hopefully I will see you on here a little more.:p
  15. Hey there, I glad your back and doing well.