I've missed you all!

  1. Hey friends. I've missed you all. After my computer broke, I had a hard time catching up, and then I went thru some stressful times. But everything is slowly getting better. Luckily, my health has been great. I am gonna try to catch up on everything and I've cleared out some messages in my box (it was full) and I will get back to everyone in time. I'm really sorry about my absence, but I have the month of July totally free now. June will be busy but I am gonna try to improve my time management. I got my junky storage room emptied, now just have to work on the rest of the house!
  2. Hey Welcome back! I know there are a few of us that have missed you ALOT! Good to see you around here again and thanks again for for RAOK I think with the help of Tink the whole thing ended with a BANG!... at least I hope it did heh.:yes:
  3. OMg girl where have you been it's like you fell of the face of the Earth! I hope everything is going well with you now!
  4. welcome back! :flowers:
  5. Welcome back....any messages from me you can ignore since Tink took care of the whole RAOK thing!
  6. welcome back! :woohoo:
  7. Welcome back Stefania!! It's great to see you active on pf again. Hehe I think Tink took over your role for the next RAOK though :p
  8. Welcome Back!!
  9. We missed you!!! :smile:
  10. Stefania! *hugs* :heart::heart::heart:

    I'm glad you are ok and so aweome to have you back. Hope to see you post soon! I missed you & welcome back again! *muah*
  11. We have missed you too!! Glad that you are okay :smile:
  12. I fell off for about a month too... Welcome back!
  13. Welcome back!:flowers:
  14. Stefania--Hope you and baby are doing well. Did you get everything set up? Take it easy!!!
  15. we too missed u dear!!! glad ur doing fine! welcome back!! :yahoo: