I've made a mess of an ebay purchase :(

  1. Last week I made a Best Offer on a black multicolore speedy where the seller specified if paying by PayPal that delivery had to be to a confirmed address. As I had purchased via PayPal from OS before and had no problems I naturally assumed that I had a confirmed address (my PayPal account doesn't show any reference to having an unconfirmed address).

    I promptly paid via CC and the Seller sent me a refund within an hour saying that my address was not confirmed. Fair enough - I went into my PayPal account and changed my CC billing address to my home and not my postal/delivery address thinking this was the problem.

    I then repaid the amount and the Seller has sent me another refund (which is pending) saying that I still have an unconfirmed address. I have changed my postal/delivery address to my home address and am now waiting for the refund from PayPal to show up so that I can process the payment again.

    I feel so bad that I am making the Seller go through so much just to receive a payment and they have been very patient with me. So if you are a member of tPF I sincerely apologise (actually I sincerely apologise regardless of membership).

    As an aside does anyone know how long it can take to have the refund sent through from PayPal? The first refund came back within an hour or so but this one was processed on Saturday and is still pending?

    Thanks for taking the time reading my problem!
  2. before when i sent a refund the person didn't receive it for about 3 days :smile:
  3. Thanks bijou - I really want to do the right thing by the seller so I guess I will have to be patient.