I've made a huge mistake!!!

  1. Quite a long time ago I made a huge mistake. When I was in the shower shaving my legs etc I noticed that I had quite a hairy line from my tummy button downwards so i picked up the razor and shaved it off.

    Now over the last couple of years it seems to have made a bigger problem. I've completely messed up my stomach. The hair grows back really dark and coarse, and I have ingrown hairs now which come up in big spots.

    I haven't been able to leave it alone for the past 2 years or so and I've completely messed it up - what can I do?

    I've tried leaving the hair to grow and waxing it but that doesn't do it? I'm thinking of having Laser Hair Removal or Electrolosis.

    I'm probably the only person in the world to have done this stupid thing but if by chance anybody else suffers from the same thing, or if there are any experts out there - PLEASE HELP!

    I can't wear bikinis or anything because it looks like bad scars and acne.
  2. Hi Ali, I noticed you're in the UK so thought I'd recommend a product that I find is fantastic and is stocked in most Boots stores. It's called "Nickel Smooth Operator Treatment" and it costs around £20, but it is a really great lotion that uses specific ingreedients to heal the skin and treat ingrowing hairs that have become inflamed.

    I would recommend using this for a while to heal the area thoroughly before you try any further hair removal products or treatments...

    I would also perhaps try bleaching the hair for a while to disguise it rather than plucking or waxing to let everything settle down. Try "Jolen Creme", a gentle hair bleach that you can use even on your face, it also comes in a "sensitive" version so I would try that first, you can also buy that in Boots.

    I think both of those products are available on their website aswell.

    Hope that helps xxxx
  3. Maybe treat the area first then how about using and epilator and hopefully the hairs will grow back finer then you can dye them?

    I think bleaching body hair is a good idea. At the moment I'm experimenting with an all natural organic bleaching dye and it should be gentler than peroxide.
  4. I've done it before, get yourself a good epilator, it will do the job =)
  5. I use an epilator for those hairs, it's like waxing, as it pulls the hair from the root but it's made the hairs I epilate more fine.

    If you want my dumba$$ story to make you feel better, let me give it! Do you remember a commercial about 14-15 years ago where a woman has shaving cream on her face and has I guess a bladeless razor or something and it looks like she is shaving her face? I didn't know it was a bladeless razor, (either way, it's a dumb commercial, even Nair on your face is a bad idea, but I digress) and I was 7/8 at the time...monkey see, monkey do. My mother caught me (thank GOD) as I was just beginning so I only got the sideburns which have been very wonderfully resilient to both electrolysis and laser hair removal. Epilating has however thinned them out, because the continuous pulling out weakens the root. I'm happy to report that after a year, I'm no longer worried about my near fatal mistake.
  6. Thanks for that I'll try it.
  7. Yeah - I'm going to try the treatment in the post above this one then I'm going to get an epilator and try that.

    Hopefully, I can get it looking better, even it I can't get rid of it completely.
  8. Good luck with that! :smile:

    And the platinum blond bleaching product worked pretty well this afternoon when I tried it on my arms, if your hair isn't too dark it should turn it all "invisible" if you decide to go that way later on.
  9. ^^ Great thanks.
  10. You're welcome.
  11. I have shaved the hair there as well and I sufferd from the same thing, until one day I used my bf's electric shaver which trimmed it all away, I never suffered from an ingrown hair agin! And I always reccommend using an anti bactrial toner/ tea tree oil after the hair removal so open pores are cleansed and prevent an infection/ ingrowing hair
  12. A few trips to the laser hair place will do the trick for you. And its such a small area that its not to expensive. You are scarring from the ingrown ones I bet. I would leave it alone and go see a laser center.

    Dont do electrolysis that is way to time consuming and not worth it. The laser is much more effective.
  13. Oh good I'm not the only one that did this then!