I've made a big decision, wanted to share!

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  1. Some of you may have noticed my absence lately. Also, I have appear to have turned to the dark side and become a resaler.
    I haven't lost my love of handbags, I still get the purse thrill with my purchases:nuts:, but I have made a big decision.
    I have decided to go back to school and take a few prereq's, then the MCAT, followed by applying to medical school.
    I am a physical therapist now. I work for doctors and one of my patient's was a med school professor. She has encouraged me and I have been given some encouragement by another doctor as well. I am old for a med student, 43, but I feel this is what I really want the rest of my life to be.
    As some of you may know, the cost of med school is astronomical, so I will have to change my ways for a while. Don't be surprised if you see my stuff on Ebay, I will be stashing away money like a squirrel with its nuts.
    I still want to hang out on the PF when I can and get some girl talk as a break though, but I have a lot of studying to do for my prereq's as well. My husband and I are taking our last real vacation in September and then the party is over.
  2. Good luck with everything!
  3. All the best to you, fendigal! I had wondered how things were with you, so thanks for the updates and best wishes!!
  4. What a big decision! Best wishes.
  5. Congrats, that is so cool ! Do you know what type of DR you want to be ?
  6. Number one choice would be physiatrist, doctor of physical medicine, it would be more of a natural transition from physical therapy. I have also thought of radiology or family practice. I am more concerned with MCAT scores than residency matches now. LOL!
  7. way to go Fendigal :biggrin:
  8. GOOD LUCK!! I think it's wonderful for you to be doing it. If you need any advice with MCATs, applying to med school, residency, just PM me!
  9. Wishing you the very best, fendigal!!!
  10. I am writing your name down in MCAT study guide!
  11. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!:happydance:What a decision!!! I am soooo excited for you! You are NEVER too old to go for what will make you happy. I've been wondering where you have been and was getting ready to PM you when I found this thread. Congratulations K!
  12. Congrats on your decision! It's never too late to pursue what you want to do. Good luck with it all!
  13. Let's see how I do in organic chem, before you congratulate me, P. Luckily, the DH is a chemist, I have my own personal tutor.
  14. Congratulations. It will be a lot of hard work but worth it. I remember some of my friends in med. school they said it was hard but then there came a time where they went with the flow and it just all fell in to place. Some of their friends were older and they were the ones who seemed to have their act together with being able to cope than the younger students right out of college.
    I wish you the best. Congratulations again.
  15. Good for you, I'm so impressed!! I think it takes a lot of guts to change course mid life and your excitement about it is so sweet. Good luck!!