i've lost my veneta's zip-pull!!!

  1. i am sooooo worried! i lent my ebano veneta to someone (for a night) and i have just realized that she returned the bag with the main zipper pull missing ... i feel really bad as she didn't even mention it to me ! has this happened to anyone before and would anyone have any suggestions as to how i might be able to get a replacement?:wtf: i tried to replace it with the zip pull in the inner pocket but i can't even remove it as it is attached quite securely! HELP PLEASE!! :hysteric:
    any info would be highly appreciated...
  2. abi, this must be frustrating, but I don`t think this cannot be solved.

    Go to your BV store and I think they`ll fix it for free (At least, this is what we did at LV, where we had tons of those complaints everyday, and since BV`s service is so customer-friendly, I`m sure they`ll do it)
  3. I agree - check with your BV store or, if you don't have one handy, maybe call one of the stores? Oh, and don't lend anything to THAT friend again! Hope it all works out - I'm sure it will.
  4. yes, abi, bring your bag to the shop and get the SA to take a look at it. they will then be able to help and advice.
    good luck and let us know how it goes.
  5. hi abi319, i would be heartbroken if that happened to my veneta. definitely bring it to the bv store, and if they charge for replacing the zipper pull send the bill to your friend - it's the least she could do after mishandling your property!
  6. I would be so disappointed in that friend, and I'd let her know it. I do think BV can fix it for you!
  7. Thanks to C_24, BookerMoose, armcandyaddict, kopibaby and ela1235! I finally had time to take the trip to the boutique here in Dubai and they have told me that they can fix it. They made me take my veneta back home but they have told me that they will order the part from Italy (as they don't have it available in ebano) and will call me as soon as they have it so I can bring my bag in for repair. I'm glad that's done...now I can rest easy knowing that all will be will with my veneta sometime soon(hopefully).:p They didn't mention anything about charging me for the repair or for the missing part..so i really don't know how that will go. Will keep everyone updated as to how it goes!
  8. That`s great that your bag doesn`t even have to be sent in to Italy. Rest assured that it`s going to be fine and I don`t think they`ll charge you!
  9. This is why I don't lend my bags - EVER. I know it would make me too unhappy to have something like this happen. I'd call BV (or Saks or NM, where ever you purchased the bag) and I'm sure they'd give you another leather tab for the zipper.

    I'm sorry this happened. :flowers: