i've lost my dream bag forever; i will never be whole!

  1. OMG are you kidding.. let trade has one for 2500$
  2. ;)don't worry. you'll find another one!
  3. i'm sure you'll find another one! :yes:
  4. you guys are so nice, i'm going to check out let-trade. thanks!!
  5. Oooh that's not cool! I hate it when that happens!!!!! I hope you do find your dream bag soon. *crosses fingers*
  6. I'm sure LT can help you to acquire your dream bag
  7. - i just saw the let-trade bag but its the green one. hopefully ill be able to find an all black one soon...
  8. who's LT?
  9. Let-Trade... You'll find another soon!
  10. Ugh, it must be so frustrating. Don't worry, you will find one.
  11. why dont you msg LT and see if he can locate one for you.

  12. They may have bid $300 more than you, but the incremental bidding systems has the highest bidder win by $1 more than the 2nd highest bid. They may have still won even if you had bid $100 higher.
  13. awwh, shame, i was thinking the same thing cuz i saw the one on let trade.
  14. You'll definitely find another one! I'm wishing for this bag too someday.