I've lost all sense of control

  1. I went into NM yesterday to look for a wallet. I repeat A WALLET ONLY.
    I came home with NO WALLET. But I came home with the hidden chain.
    (Borrowed pic from ya1004's post). I was strangely attracted to it over the weekend when I first encountered it in the Chanel boutique and than I was playing with it at NM and it followed me home. I have a serious problem.
  2. It's georgous! What is the price?:drool:
  3. hahahaha omg! i found my twin! that crap always happens to me!

    i walk into a boutique to 'look' and i end up buying almost every thing they have in there!

  4. Its fabby. Hey, its not the worse problem to have you know :biggrin: hee hee.

    Congrats, now you need a nice wallet to pop in it ;)
  5. It's beautiful congrats!
  6. Congrats!
    She is a beautie.!
    I can see why you forgot about the wallet..
  7. Congrats, It's so cool!! I would love to see it on you. Model for us please!
  8. I know...and feel your pain. I went in yesterday to "return"...I ended up with another bag...a pair of sunglasses...and 2 more bangle bracelets. It is a gorgeous bag!
  9. sooo pretty! congrats! hey at least you are not alone.....i don't even know what control is anymore......
  10. I love your new bag!!
  11. Congrats...Great choice!!! dont worry....i believe that happened to lots of girls!!! included me of course:yahoo::yahoo:
  12. Do you love it??? It is such a nice looking bag.
  13. Congrats!, Love your bag!:tup::yes:, well at least you can still have fun searching for your new "wallet";)
    HaHahA:roflmfao: Control??? what that means???? I dont even know what CONTROL means:nuts::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  14. Congrats on your new fab bag...
    Don't worry, you don't really have a problem, you're just indulging yourself ;)
  15. NICE.... coNgrats... she's pretty. gO back & get the wallet now... :graucho: hahah.. I'd probably would've done the same thing... :tup: