i've listed one of my bags on ebay if anyone is interested...

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  1. I have Fayden do all of that picture stuff for me:love:

    That is a really nice bag and does need a really good home!

    We all need to let others know what we are selling at least there will be no ebay purchase worries.
  2. i know i should watermark my photos too. someone stole my anthracite paddington photos off of this forum for their ebay auction. how rude!
  3. Mine has a really bad watermark on it but at least it's something. It's not like my picture is really that good anyway :lol:
  4. Beautiful bag!
    Best luck!
  5. Fayden, use photoshop is quite easy and simple to put watermark on your pics. I think you can download them. Try Google it :smile:
  6. oh i know how to, i'm just really lazy, and i already posted all these pics on my hosting site.
  7. Beautiful bag. I hope it'll find a good home :biggrin:
  8. Hmmm, I wonder if there should be a thread specifically designed for the forum members' auctions or links to their auctions...this way, we will all know we are getting authentic pieces from reputable sellers. That will defintely take a lot of the stress and worry away from potential buyers who are throwing the dice at getting a real piece or not. ??? Just a suggestion...
  9. that's a great suggestion, maybe vlad could make a sub forum for member's ebay auctions. as long as vlad and meg are not the auction hosts,i'm sure they wouldn't mind? and of couse the member has to be long established here.
  10. That would be great. And I should say one more time-damn you all for making me actually interested in LV. :evil:
  11. Beautiful bag, Fayden. I'm sure it'll find a good home. :smile:
  12. fayden
    good luck with the listing! if i had the money i would buy it from you! i totally love this red! btw, your photos are really good for this listing!
  13. I just spent an hour going through my 4 closests...(ridiculous) looking for red anything to give me an excuse to buy that bag! If only it was hot pink. It s a GORGEOUS bag. I may have to go buy something red......(I did find a few dresses I forgot I had..great for my trip to Jamacia in March!)