I've kept my Big Baby (Cabas) but the jury is still out...pics

  1. I was waitlisted for the longest time for the Baby Cabas; when I aksed to be listed I'm pretty sure I gave the A number for the small one with classic chain. Anyway when the bag finally got here it was the big one with braided chain.

    I duly went to the Amsterdam boutique (got a babysitter even LOL) and looked at other things to possibly exchange it for. Candidates were narrowed down to the washed black caviar flap with mm lock and bijou chain, and the black metallic reissue.

    Thing is, I want an every day bag and I'm not much of a metallic girl, and really apart from looking greyer the washed caviar flap doesn't make that much of a different impression from by black caviar jumbo with silver hardware.Plus the chain is really short, and I much prefer where my caviar hits my body.I was seriously tempted by the washed caviar but it would in all honesty not be adding too much to my wardrobe or my bag repertoire. My SA was unimpressed since I already have the jumbo and a black 226 anniversary reissue.

    I was unimpressed with Lady Braid (too east-west in the only version that fits the shoulder), Le Marais tote (too bulky on me), and hidden chain. Diamond stitch has too huge a CC logo.

    So I was all set to just get a pair of the classic black ballet flats in leather with patent tips (I know, I know...I call it lateral thinking) and take store credit.

    But all the SA's kept saying how great the cabas looks on me despite me being short and round (LOLOL they didn't add that but I do) and they couldn't have been out for the money, because the bags I'd considered would all have come to more than keeping the cabas and adding the shoes.

    I was in there for TWO HOURS:wtf::confused1::s:hrmm::shame: and ended up leaving STILL with Big Baby and having added the ballet flats....LOL.

    She's growing on me...have taken her on v short trip out of house...jury still out though!!

    I will post the pics I took quickly a couple of days ago, but I hate all the modelling pics (was wearing ghastly oufit around house and when you are short and round that's not a good look...LOL).So I may have another go on Monday when PHH is at work.

    After having carried the bag around my house for a couple of days it is already slouching a bit more and getting more of that slightly rounded as opposed to square shape.

    My head is still spinning...keep? Don't keep??

    In the family pic, I'm sorry but the reissue fell over as I snapped and I was too distressed and panicky to do it again...LOL.
    pic1.jpg pic2.jpg pic3.jpg pic4.jpg
  2. I like it, but it does look rather huge, and you said you thought you were getting the smaller one. I love the woven chain handles, they look very substantial.

    It seems like you are trying to talk yourself into keeping a bag you are totally in love with. Every time I buy a bag and have to talk myself into keeping, it's been a mistake and I always end up returning it. I like your bag, but if you're not totally loving it, I'd say get something else.
  3. You make a valid point...I'm going to let it sink in until Monday and then I may be calling that SA again. May cause a few raised eyebrows in the boutique, but I must be 100% satisfied with such a huge (literally LOL) purchase!!

    I will just take the store credit,I think,though the cruise collection doesn't look like anything I'd want either. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

    I would have been sooooooooooo in love with a REAL baby cabas. Each time I see one my heart breaks.

  4. See, now this part here really struck me. Chanel bags cost a FORTUNE! Get what you absolutely love and WANT! Who cares about the "raised eyebrows", this is YOUR purchase. Go for the baby! I love the original classic chain handles on the baby as well! You deserve to be in love with your bag! Good luck! Let us know what happens! :yes:
  5. [​IMG]




    Congrats....fabulous bag:tup::flowers:
  6. keep it please...
  7. i'm sorry, i hate when things like that happen...i love it but if you're still not sure after the weekend you probably should wait until you find something you are truly happy and excited about...i'll check back for modeling pics if that helps...
  8. KEEP THE CABASSSSS. you have to keep it! i have one and i love it! it's such a fab everyday bag and you know this is TDF and highly sought after! keep it and you'll be my baby cabas's biggg sistaaa! ;)
  9. I have a small sister or yours in black with the original chain and I love it to bits! :heart::heart::heart: I love everything about it (ok, not completely true, it would be totally perfect if the top would close better but that's a small issue) That aside, I think it's one of the best Chanel bags ever despite my initial doubts whether it would suit me (You see, I'm short and round too! :lol:) Although I'm very tempted to say she's a keeper, I think you should only keep her if you are absolutely and truly in love with her. If you find yourself having to justify keeping her, no matter how fab others think she is, I think you should let her go. Good luck!
  10. You said you love the baby cabas. Did you ever try it on and walk around the store with it? The reason, I ask, is because it may not be the fit you think it is. Especially if you are going by the modeling pictures posted here on this forum. The bag looks large when carried by tiny (and I mean this is the most complimentary way) people.

    I mentioned this before, but I found the baby cabas to be too in-between and ordinary for me. I could not get it over my shoulder with a wool jacket on. It looked great on display but so-so on me.

    I love my Big baby/new chain cabas. It's exactly what I wanted... but give it a few more days and then return it if you are not falling in love.
  11. I love it! I used to have the smaller size in khaki with those same chain handles and it was my favorite part of the bag! If the large size baby Cabas had the CC logo on the front of the bag like the original Cabas I would definitely buy it for myself!

    If you don't love it on, then you will never feel comfortable wearing it. And then what it is the point of spending the money? I hope you reach a decision soon!
  12. ...Forget about the "raised eyebrows" from the Chanel employees...If this bag doesn't make your heart sing...and you just can't wait to use it...Take it back...Get something that you totally love....Good luck with your bag search...and I hope you love whichever bag you finally choose.
  13. I like the smaller size. How tall are you?
  14. keep the cabas! :jammin:
  15. I agree with Lisa too,BTW have you tried the new small baby cabas on?Although smaller than the original baby cabas it's still a gorgeous bag and fits lot!:yes: