I've just received..........

  1. Hi ladies... i fall in love with the oval since i saw it for the first time on ateliernaff... after thinking on it for 6 months i've finally purchased it from Balenciaga Paris... Nathalie ( the SA) is the best.. she took the one with the smoothies leather...
    It is ink... i have never seen this colour in real life.... and now i undestand all the ink girls here.... it is amazing... it seems eggplant, then cornflower, then black dependig on the light...
    Here are a lot of pics... sorry but i love it too much!!!
    The are 2 size comparison pics.. one with my coin purse in calcaire and one with my white work.. It' s huge... it holds more than a first...and i'm so in love:heart: :heart:
    Oval 001.jpg Oval 002.jpg Oval 003.jpg Oval 004.jpg Oval 006.jpg Oval 007.jpg Oval 008.jpg Oval 009.jpg Oval 013.jpg Oval 022.jpg
  2. ooohhhh lb congrats!!!! I love it!!!:yahoo: :heart:
  3. Some pics of me .... with my new love
    Oval 014.jpg Oval 015.jpg Oval 010.jpg
  4. So cute! I just saw that bag in person the other day.
  5. Wow! Very pretty. .... love the ink!
  6. Very pretty l_b! Thank you for the comparison pics with your other bags, give a great perspective of how big it actually is!

    I wish you well
  7. Adorable!!:heart::drool::love:
  8. love love love it! congrats!! what a cute clutch
  9. oh it's so cute, I saw one irl and kinda considered it...lucia is it easy to carry around, doesn't it slip off your hands or something? That's such an original style and a pretty color, felicitations!!
  10. Girls,
    Have any of you shopped from this seller?
    The ink balenciaga she has is to die for.
  11. Cute!!!
  12. So cute! I love the little mirror too! Congrats, l_b!
  13. I think it is easy to carry around but only for 2-3 hours .. when you go out at night.... You can't use it as a day bag...:flowers:
  14. So Cute!
  15. What a cool bag, it looks fab on you! I also agree the color Ink is amazing! Congrats!!!