I've just ordered this...

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  1. Its lovely! Well done!!
  2. Brilliant value KM. Nearly bought one of these last week.
  3. nice girly pink well done kelly xxx
  4. Nice!

    I think Id like the turquoise one. One minute I do, the next I dont :lol:
  5. get it, it is so soft and ideal for so many things, i love mine!!!
  6. If I wasnt so broke this week .. I would :P
  7. Mmmm. Super jealous. I've wanted one of those for ages but never found one at the right price. I also avoided that lovely light blue/green you've got for fear of marks. Has than been a problem?
  8. Congratulations!! Bargain to boot!!
  9. congrats!
  10. Super little bag! Congrats Kelly!
  11. Congrats, kelly.
  12. Looks lovely. Congratulations!
  13. Very cute, well done Kelly :tup:
  14. Pretty pretty!! x