I've just ordered a Bayswater!!

  1. I called the outlet in Shepton Mallet and they had an oak Bayswater, so I have ordered it! The SA assured me it was in good condition, complete with clochette, padlock and keys. It should be delivered Tuesday. It was £346, which is much better than the full price of £495!! Woo hoo! Keep your fingers crossed for me that it's OK when it arrives.
  2. Yay! I'm so glad you got hold of one. I was beginning to think I'd imagined seeing those Bayswaters when I went yesterday!
    Congratulations, will look forward to the pics when it arrives. Good price too.
  3. Thank you! I hope it's OK and not too battered when it arrives.
  4. I wouldn't worry. The bags I've had from them have been as new. They had a good selection yesterday and they were in great condition.
    The oak Phoebe I looked at was marked but that's inevitable due to the leather and was no worse than one I'd seen in John Lewis!
    I guess I'm a smooshy leather kinda girl. I love the glove leather on my Sohos as it doesn't mark at all (and it's nowhere near as heavy!!
    I still keep thinking about the olive Phoebe though. I really loved it but it was just too heavy.
  5. Thanks, that's good to know.

    I have an oak darwin wallet, which marks but as it has worn the marks have blended in. I saw an oak Bayswater in Selfridges that was horrendously marked, actually, so I'm sure it's no worse than that!

    I love the olive leather. I've got an olive Elgin and it's wearing beautifully.

    Oooh *does happy dance*.
  6. Wow, sooo great!! Congrats and post pics when se arrives :yahoo:
  7. I'm so surprised by your announcement ;)

    I bet you can't wait for it to get here. Have you called the store to get the UPS tracking number? That way, you can drive yourself mad following the package's progress online :yes:

    Hope you love it IRL - I'm sure you will. It's such a classic bag that it's an investment.

    OT but how does your olive Elgin stand up to rain? It's a gorgeous colour, very versatile, but I was wondering if it marked easily.
  8. Yep, I've got the tracking number from the store. The SA said it should be here Tuesday (although I think that's a bit ambitious, myself).

    That's what I am telling myself. Plus, I've saved £150, so that's money to spend on something else, right? :graucho:

    I am v pleased with the olive Elgin. I was terrified of getting it wet at first, but after about 15 coats of Collonil, it manages fine. It got caught in a downpour the other day and the rainspots just wiped off. It absorbs scratches too - they just blend in after a short while.

    So what about this bronze Mulberry you're after then...??
  9. They use UPS for shipping and the terms are next day delivery is attempted, excluding weekends. So I think it probably will arrive on Tuesday :yahoo:

    Thanks for the note about the olive - sounds like it's quite robust then which would be a good bet for a future purchase :okay:

    So.... the bronze Bayswater.... I love the bronze leather although I'm obviously slightly concerned about the temporary nature of the finish. I called the repairs department today and asked how long it could be expected to last, given that I'm careful with my bags. They said that it would fade in time but shouldn't wear away so I'm taking that as a good sign. I don't mind natural ageing but don't fancy a part-bronze part-chocolate bag.

    Anyhoo, the bronze Bayswater is lush. I saw it IRL for the first time at the Bicester outlet a few weeks ago and have been thinking about it ever since.

    My only concern is that the Bayswater is a bit grown up for me. Clearly not with respect to my age :rolleyes: but in lifestyle. I've got a toddler, work part-time (in an office which has just relaxed its dress code to smart-casual) and don't *need* a smart bag at the moment. However, I know that in the future I'll probably want a Bayswater and by that time, I won't be able to get hold of a bronze. Therefore, buy it now, right? Only problem - what if my current love of metallics is fleeting?

    The bag that *was* next on my wishlist (before realising the bronze bags were still around) was the olive Roxanne. I'd love to get a Roxanne at some point and, while I think it looks best in oak, that's too similar to my Emmy. I think it looks great in the olive as it suits the style of bag. Certainly the Roxanne is more suitable for my current situation. However, I should be able to pick up an olive Roxanne at any time in the future, really. I know it's discontinued but it wasn't a limited, highly sought after bag, afaik.

    Decisions, decisions.

    It's so nice to have online friends to discuss this sort of stuff with. My real-life friends really don't get it and I'm not looking forward to telling Mr ditab that another Mulberry purchase is imminent :roflmfao:
  10. Yes I see what you mean about the Bayswater. However, I haven't thought of it as being *too* smart a bag, as I think they bash up with age and wear, which makes them look more casual IYSWIM?

    I don't have a grown up life either, even though I'm 34. I work in a very casual environment (university) and I'm usually to be found slobbing about in jeans.

    I like the Bayswater because I think it can adapt to both smart and casual wear. It's plain, simple and elegant.

    Re the bronze colour, from what I've seen it's quite a subtle metallic? I think you'd be less likely to get tired of that. If you do fall out of love with it, you could always sell it later?

    I love the olive leather, as you know, and I agree the Roxanne is a classic.

    It's a tough decision, but thinking practically which bag is likely to be available for longer?

    Yes, I know exactly what you mean! None of my RL friends have the same obsession as me. My BF has learned a LOT about Mulberry, which is unfortunate as he can spot a new bag at 50 paces :roflmfao:

    Tell Mr DB that's its an investment purchase that you'll be using for years. You won't be buying lots of cheaper bags, just the occasional classic, hard-wearing Mulberry every now and then, so it's actually a *saving* in the long run...
  11. I'm so jealous!! I'll have to phone again on Monday- wish me luck getting my chocolate bayswater!!!
    I want to see piccies of your oak bayswater when it arrives - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  12. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.
  13. Congrats! I wish I lived in the UK, for Mulberry's sake! Post pics when you get it, pleasssse.
  14. Thanks for the response, GIW.

    I guess the Bayswater isn't *that* formal - just smarter than I'm used to. I'm not going to be carrying it full so it will be fairly slouchy (I think the metallic glove is a bit slouchier - is that a word? - than the darwin) so that will make it more casual.

    I guess the main point is that it won't be around forever and, you're right, I can always sell it on later if I go off it (as if!)

    Regarding the "investment purchase", "won't be buying loads of cheap bags", "I'll be saving money in the long run" justifications - that would be all well and good, and I have indeed tried to use those, but I think you know how many Mulberry bags I have bought in the last year (the same as you, I think) and it really blows the sensible justification out of the window. My only excuse now is that I don't spend loads on going out, clothes shopping (I've really cut down), etc; I save a little bit each month in my "splurge" fund and therefore can spend it on what I choose; the bags will last me a lifetime and I'll love them forever; they really pull together my outfits so I feel better about myself (what price can you put on self esteem?!). And mainly - it's a real bargain and I'll never be able to find it at this price again!

    I think I am going to have to be a bit economical with the truth about the cost of the bronze Bayswater as I haven't replenished my "splurge" fund yet since buying the Emmy in June.

    But, I think my conclusion is that I am weak and I want, I want, I want.

    I think I'm going to order it :yahoo:
  15. Woo hoo, you MUST post pics when it arrives!