ive just had an urge :(

  1. Help!!! please please talk me out of this feeling!
    ive just got a bonus and it wasnt big but i want a key cles soooooo bad! i dont need one but i no the moneys there... however im going for vivienne westwood jewellery tomorrow and want that more atm but this urge has just come over me to go to the LV website and order one.

    Please please please talk me out of this... :Push: TIA
  2. DON'T DO IT!!!:sneaky:
  3. thankyoooooooooooooooo soooooo much! ive like just been staring at them but thinking how nice these earrings are that i want and how cute they'd look on... im soo close to being over this urge... nearly
  4. I like the cles, but I wouldn't have any use for them :blink:
    Get the earrings! :yes:
  5. I have the mono cles and I don't use it much because it's just not big enough for everyday use. It was a present from my brother a couple of years ago. I should have exchanged it to help pay for my Tresor wallet instead.
  6. thanks all, ive decided to keep my urge inside until i get paid from work
  7. Good girl :smile:
  8. BLing, bling!!
    The urge for the cles will pass...earrings are WAAAAY better.