I've joined the Ink city bandwagon!

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  1. Sorry, ladies. I know there are quite a few threads already about this, but I just had to share my new bag with everyone! :shame:

    I placed a phone order from the Balenciaga NY store, and I thought it would never arrive....When I first placed the order, I was so excited that I forgot to ask for an order or confirmation # (I'm a bit paranoid about these kinds of things). I called back the next day for it, and Joseph (the SA that helped me) said that he was glad I called back because apparently, they sent me the wrong bag! He told me that they sent mine to their headquarters, but they would request that it be sent back to the NY store, which they will then forward to me...

    But...it turns out they actually *did* send me the right one, and UPS had instructions to send it back to the store! :blink: :blink:
    So my bag had 3 cross-country trips and has traveled a whole lot more than I have! :lol:
    It arrived safe and sound last night...Here she is:

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  2. i never get tired of looking at pictures of bags :nuts:
    enjoy your beauty!!
  3. Wow...what a story! Glad it arrived safe and sound. Congratulations - it is really beautiful! And the leather looks perfect :smile:
  4. Gorgeous color, congrats, and thanks for sharing! Yeah, I never get tired of looking at pictures of bags either.
  5. Gorgeous ink bag! It looks so smooth and the color is so even--enjoy!
  6. Congrats Cate!!. I love the ink city. glad it finally made it's way to you ..
  7. Gorgeous! I'm loving those Inks the more and more I see them.

    And, awww, poor Joseph. I think he's a bit overwhelmed by all these orders!
  8. It's beautiful, just as I knew it would be Cate! And your photos are excellent! You've really captured the color well! So sorry you had to contend with the shipping "issues". But I'm sure it was worth the wait! Enjoy it!
  9. It's beautiful! Is it just me or does this ink city look as though its leather is smoother and less shiny?
  10. Thank you everyone for your kind compliments! Even though this experience was not smooth, it will not stop me from buying again from the NY store...I'm thrilled with the bag that Joseph picked out for me, and I would not hesitate to order another one from him...
  11. Congrats, Cate! It's lovely!!! :love:
  12. GORGEOUS!!! I don't get tired of seeing pictures of bags either! I think we would all agree it's our pleasure to admire and help celebrate new acquisitions!

    The ink is really amazing. Enjoy it!
  13. Wow. I mean...WOW! I cannot wait for my ink City to arrive, and I hope it is half as gorgeous as yours! If not, I know who to call. I keep hearing trucks drive by outside and keep thinking "maybe it's my new bag"...but no such luck yet. Does anyone know who Barney's uses for shipping?
  14. Congrats Cate!
  15. So gorgeous! Enjoy! I'm more and more tempted to get one now..