I've heard that..

  1. ..new damier Speedy Azur will be available in 3 weeks for vip customers, is it true?
  2. Damier azur will be available for everyone in three weeks. It launches Nov 1st
  3. My SA told me it'll be available for Christmas:wtf:
    I also called the "Service Clientèle" here in Italy and they told me the launch date will be in January!!!! OMG! someone could be more clear?:cursing:
  4. Here in the U.S. the azur line launches Nov 1st
  5. In Austria as well.
  6. I thought it will be NOV but I am not getting it right away...
  7. One of SAs I asked was saying it will launch on the 15th of Nov or Dec.:true:
  8. I hear so many different things..
    My SA told me to come pick up my groom stuff on one of the last two days of the month. he neglected to say it was available before then becuase his store wanted to coordinate their groom appearance with their launch. A great PFer let us know the actual, official launch date of 9/25.
    I trust our SA members more than my actual store SA when it comes to LV info.
  9. question here, how do you become a vip customer?:confused1: