I've heard of NPBidder. . . but what about "Non-Invoicing Seller"?

  1. I can understand "Non-Paying Bidder" . . . but what can you do about a "Non-Invoicing Seller"? I purchased a bag on the weekend and still haven't received an invoice! I've sent 2 messages and received an answer, finally that she would invoice me yesterday. But . . . so far nothing! Never heard of this before. Have any of you?
  2. Sometimes sellers are lazy or busy .... you can go ahead and pay for the item without them invoicing you. Just to to your My eBay Page and click on the link next to the item to pay via paypal.
  3. Well, I'm in Canada and unfortunately she doesn't yet know what she wants to charge me for shipping. I'm beginning to wonder if I really will receive this someday.
  4. Well, if she doesn't invoice you, then you can file a non-performing seller complaint against her. Hopefully it won't come to that and you'll get your item!
  5. Do you have to wait for the invoice to be sent to you?? Coz I've bought stuffs from ebay..and only one seller that I could remember has sent me an invoice... but I still pay thru the MY Ebay page, where it says.. Pay now.... so what's the difference? I'm a little confused... :confused1:
  6. If its an international transation then the postage may not be on the page- therfore you have to wait for a seller to invoice you!
  7. ^^^^she doesn't know the shipping cost
  8. I have had 2 sellers recently not invoice me and not send there details- I won there items to cheaply basically and they didnt want to sell them to me!
    I filed seller non-performance but there is not to much ebay do about it!!
  9. I've a few buyers request invoices after clicking buy-it-now when the shipping is clearly stated. But your situation seems different. I think ebay should require the shipping to be stated on every listing for any country the seller ships to.
    For my listings, if I don't specify a shipping amount to Canada, then Canadians are restricted from buying the item. I don't know why this didn't apply to her listing.
  10. oic.. thanks for that!

    well I guess some international seller had a flat fee for s&H, that's why I didn't get any invoice at all... cause I paid them thru My ebay page.. they never complained... :confused1:
  11. Unless I have to figure out shipping, I do not generally send invoices. Then again, most of my items are Immediate Payment only but even when they are not, I rarely send invoices.
  12. I would just use the "Ask seller a question" feature on eBay, ask how much shipping is, and send payment once you hear back, either via a reply or an invoice. I had that happen with someone recently -- no shipping listed, waited like 2 days for the invoice but didn't hear anything -- she was good about it once I asked how much it was and the transaction went off without a hitch.