I've had the worst luck this week! What'll make it better?

  1. First, I got my new Hayden Harnett Triple Strap Satchel in Smoke Blue last Sat. Gorgeous bag. I absolutely love it, and I only paid $190 for it on eBay! When I first got it, I looked it over & everything seemed just fine. I loaded it up w/all my "goodies" and carried it to work on Monday. When I got to work - I don't know if it was the flourescent lights that made it more noticeable - I found a couple of places on the backside of the bag where the leather is scratched, chipped & just starting to peel. I emailed my seller & asked if she had bought this bag at HH's sample sale (I know bags were sold "as is") but I still haven't heard back from her. I know that I didn't do anything unusual when I carried the bag - I thought maybe this happened from the bag rubbing up against me when I carried it, but my body's no where near the spot. Neither is the handle, the strap and/or the chain tassel. This concerns me because it can only get worse and I have no idea how long it will take for it to happen.

    Then........On Wed., I received my Junior Drake handbag that I ordered from Nordstroms. The bag is super cute and the leather is amazing, but.....after looking the bag over, I noticed that the leather is worn away on all four corners. Not only that, but there is a spot on the front of the bag where it looks like someting spilled on the bag. It's darker than the rest of the bag and feels kinda "stiff" there. If the spot on the front of the bag were the only problem, I probably wouldn't care, as I can probably smooth it out w/a leather cleaner/moisturizer plus it blends with the bag's natural distressing anyhow. But the damage on the 4 corners is pretty bad. It almost looks like the bag may have been used and returned (either that or it was heavily tossed around the warehouse!). I called Nordstroms & asked if this could have been a display model and was told no, that bags online are not sold in the stores. I explained the problem & was told that I got the last one and that none of the stores had that bag anymore :sad: I mean, I could order one directly from Jr. Drake, but this one was on sale, and I don't know if I'd pay full price for it.

    Figures! I did get the bag on sale, so I could just keep it, but I think I'm just going to return it (to Nordstroms) & use the money towards another bag that I really want (that's in much better shape). I can't decide between the Botkier Sasha bag or the studded canvas Marc Jacobs tote (the one Cameron Diaz has been photographed with). I know that both of those cost more, but I figure I can get the Botkier w/a discount & with the $$ I'll get back for the Jr. Drake, I"ll only have to come up with about hald the total amount.

    What do you guys think? Should I (1) grin & bear it, and just keep the Jr. Drake? (2) Get the Botkier Sasha using a discount code? or (3) Buy the Canvas Studded MJ tote? I'm a HUGE MJ fan, but I've had my eye on the Sasha for a while now. It'll be my first Botkier purchase, but I fell in luv w/them the last time I was at Nordstroms (I could sleep on that leather!!)

    I just hope my luck improved sometime soon - I don't think I can take another disappointment!
  2. Send the Jr Drake back and buy the Botkier. I bet the Botkier bag will make it all better!
  3. I would send the "used" bag back to Nordies and get either the Botkier or the MJ bag!! No need to buy a broken in bag from a department store... I don't think I could get over the fact that it already looked used...

    Good luck!! It seems like it has been one of those weeks!! I've heard things from tons of people happening, like things being charged to their credit cards that they didn't order (me) and someone had her shipped items taken off her porch in the Coach area!!! What a week!! :push: