i've had it! i'm officially ready to develop and alternative!!!!!!!

  1. so many of us are unhappy with eBay that i thought it would be fun to brainstorm about what we would look for in an alternative -- on the theory that knowing what we want will make it more likely to come into being. so let's talk it out and maybe somebody will eventually have enough of eBay and create this place for us!

    one of my main issues is the fakes -- i want a place that will take some responsibility for what's listed. it's probably unreasonable to expect a guaranty of authenticity -- i'd be happy with just knowing that someone who actually knows what an authentic hermes bag looks like has reviewed all the hermes listings, and that they are therefore less likely to be fake.

    i'd like the site to make an escrow service available.

    i'd actually prefer all fixed price listings (with a best offer feature) to auctions.

    i'm thinking bags/wallets etc. only -- a place where legit sellers and buyers of lux bags can connect without the flea market of everything else in the world being sold.

    on another note, i think if we want increased service we probably have to accept higher fees to pay for it -- but i wouldn't mind that at all if i thought i was actually getting some value for the money i spent! maybe have a higher fee, but split it between buyer and seller -- the way auction houses have a buyer's premium?
  2. Why can't you have a BIN that works past the first bid? I'd love to say, ok, if you want to pay $300 you can end it now but otherwise i'll let people bid. That would be MY dream.
  3. Once someone fails to pay and/or not respond to emails they would be banned from bidding-with eBay you can have lots of non-pays (spread out over time) and still be premitted to bid.
  4. I find ebay fees excessive. Possibly, fees that are equal, but only coming out of auction endings or something mechanism.
  5. I would like to see a situation where items that were deemed to be counterfeit, would be confiscated (to be held temporarily, and later destroyed after a reasonable amount of time) and all monies paid out for counterfeit items, charged back. If these counterfeit sellers lost their PRODUCT and their MONEY, I'll bet it wouldn't take but a few days for this nonsense to stop! . . . It wouldn't be worth their risk to sell on a site that had zero tolerance for fakes!
  6. Two things:

    1. Currently they refund the seller's fees when an auction is pulled because the bag is a fake. I think eBay should keep the fees. That might be a deterent to posting a fake bag.

    2. Stop indexing lag times. I think the auctions should start immediately when you push the button.
  7. Absolutely they should get no refund - and they should get fined!
  8. You are so right..a BIG fine charged to their credit card..which brings me to one more thing...

    eBay currently does not know who we all are. You should have to have a credit card or a bank account registered with them before you can bid. This is NOT too "big brother." If they knew who everyone was the trading environment would be safer for all of us.
  9. I thought of something else...and this concerns the buyers....If the seller does not show appropriate pictures Don't Bid. Just this afternoon someone was on the purse board asking if a Burberry was real...the seller had 1 picture in the listing. There was no way to tell..but someone had bid $75. It boggles me..how can toss away any amount of money if you can't tell what the seller is really selling?
  10. yes! if they are selling fakes they should not get there listing fees back. thats a great one!
  11. I think if you did, win and don't pay you should not be allowed to buy or sell on ebay.
  12. I agree with the credit card verification for bidding, but what about a drivers' licence number? Of course security would have to be watertight but that way there wouldnt' be any scamming and if there was then they weould be easier to track down
  13. i agree that's a PITA as a seller - BUT if we also want review of items for authenticity, aren't we going to need a lag time? maybe if it were scheduled it would work -- something like all auctions start exactly 24 hours after they are submitted?
  14. Yep, I think the marketplace is a great alternative, because all participants are screened.
  15. I absolutely agree with the sentiments expressed here - those who sell fakes should suffer some consequences, monetary and otherwise, for that. I believe it would significantly cut down on the number of sellers offering fakes if they were to lose money!

    What about The Marketplace on tPF? I am a newbie so I can't participate for quite a while but it seems like a reasonable alternative - perhaps it is a good place to start.