I've had an epiphany! I cant use my MBMJ bags for work...OR CAN I?????

  1. There GORGEOUS, I LOVE EM ALL! But....are these bags too casual for a more upscale office environment? Im thinking that office bags ought to be a little more on the structured side (i.e. Your basic black coach tote which I abhor) and the MBMJ's (or atleast the ones I have), are all soft and supple and unstructured.

    What do you ladies think? I really want to know =)

    PS: I know the Softy Max in the second to last pic is not really office friendly but Im hoping someone will convince me otherwise. I guess its the big zipper pulls which throw me off a little

    PPS: The last one is a Kenneth Cole NY. I have that bag in black...do y'all think that is office appropriate (and cute)

    PIC 1: Totally Turnlock Bowler in Black ( I have one in Moss too)

    PIC 2: Totally Turnlock Teri in Black

    PIC 3: Turnlock Tina in Sunset

    PIC 4: Softy Max in Black (I have one in Tea Leaf too)

    PIC 5: Kenneth Cole NY Passing Thru (The pic is camel but I have the black)
    2990-268695-d.jpg NMV02LV_mn.jpg G2SM9d411fc4-8176-4969-a5c7-ee91d8f8c03e-22285.jpg 5705_1.JPG 46120456_o.jpg
  2. PPPS! Im sorry...

    What about this last one? I know its not an MJ or MBMJ but I really value the opinions of the ladies in the MJ forum. This bag is a cynthia rowley...1.) Do you think its cute 2) Does it look high-end 3) Does it look good for "the office" 4)Does it look good for just kickin it? Let me know....Kim
  3. Here it is!
    G2SMf28620f9-7742-4822-9c60-9824fc51b9cf-21742.jpg G2SMa4f1b691-de40-41ba-b879-117f36704346-21742.jpg
  4. I think that the Cynthia Rowley bag is certainly appropriate. I think that some of the MbyMJ bags can be, too. I would say that if you're wearing an outfit that's appropriate for work and the bag goes with it, then there's no need to worry about it's structure (or lack thereof). They're all really nice bags in classic colors, so I think you can work them.
  5. i have the softy max in blue.. it's a bit more casual to me.. most MBMJ's are like that.. but it's really up to you on how you dress up/down your purse.. i use mine to work though we're on business casual dress code..
  6. I think pretty much any black bag can be office appropriate !
  7. imo, all the above mentioned MbyMJ bags are too casual for upscale office environment. i will bring them to work on casual friday.

    the kenneth cole and cynthia rowley are more appropriate.
  8. I agree. The styling of MbMJ is definitely geared towards more casual outfits.
  9. I think it depends on your age, your position and where you work. I think most of those bags are office appropriate, if worn with the right clothing. I live in L.A., though. It's not that structured here. Even in the more traditional work environments.
  10. my friend had the Cynthia bag...the screws kept falling out. And when she went to tighten a loose screw, the screw broke. pretty bag, but too much of a hassel.
  11. IMO I think you can use the Turnlock Tina and def the Cynthia Rowley.
  12. i think you can use all your bags for work but i guess it depends where you work...
  13. I work in Manhattan and use my Teri for work everyday
  14. I think the Tina and the Teri both work in an office environment. I've seen the Tina around the office usually with a pantsuit or some other appropriate professional outfit. I have a softy faridah that I carry to work, but I always pair it with something a bit more structured. The Cynthia Rowley bag would be awesome for work. I really like it. And of course, need one for myself! :yes:
  15. Another vote for the Cynthia Rowley.