i've gotten everything i wanted and now i dont know what next!

  1. So today i received my holy grail, a '02 FBF, and a '03 emerald green first with pewter hardware (which i never planned to get but couldnt resist). on the down side someone stole my account and used up all the money in there and now i have this whole shebang to figure out. but these bags defenitely put the sun in my rainy day!
    and right now i want "a" balenciaga bag. but now dont know what! .lol. enough rambling. anyways pictures will come soon.
  2. Emerald is an excellllllllent colour; of course I say that about every green :p

    If you want more and you don't know what, try a style you don't have yet.
  3. Your collection is wicked!!! :drool::drool::drool: I think you need a magenta or a red :graucho:
  4. Congratulations on both bags! I can't wait to see pictures! I completed my wishlist recently, and I was feeling like you and wondering what's next? Well, I held myself back from purchasing just for the sake of purchasing, especially since I will be getting two Grape bags, and I am really excited about the upcoming S/S 08 bags as well .
    In the meantime, I have kept myself occupied by making new accessories for my bags. I have been making and designing jewelry for many years, so I am lucky to be able to make whatever I want for my bags.
    You may not be able to do the same, but if the idea of handbag accessories appeals to you, you can look around and come up with ideas (the charms thread here on the pf, has tons of great ideas) for using accessories to personalize your bags. It's a great inexpensive way to change a bag, and hopefully keep you occupied enough so you aren't tempted into buying a bag you don't love or need. Mind you, it doesn't always work. I was hoping accessories would help me save money from buying bags, and instead it's given me something else to spend money on along with buying the bags themselves.
  5. actually im having doubts about the authenticity of thesebags.

    how can you tell if they are 100% authentic?

    the serial number on the '02 is 100667 213043
    also the FB leather is very shiny and feels rough. kind of like the '06 emerald green. defenitely not soft. it is sort of plastic-y.

    also it came with a mirror and some of the ppl said theirs didn't?

    the thing with the '02 is i got it from a very well known and highly regarded site. so i derno

    i dont have the usb cord for my cam so cant update with pictures but something defenitely feels off

  6. I have never heard of a fake Balenciaga with the flat brass hardware; I think it just feels off because the earlier bbags are a lot different than the latest in so many aspects.
  7. Can't you get someone else to take some photos for you and download them, so you can get reassured as soon as possible?
  8. Congratulations on getting your HGs. When I got most of my BBag HGs, I lurked on other sub-forums instead and got drawn into a few Chanels, and lately, a few Hermes bags. That's the beauty (and danger) of tPF – you never know where your next obsession is coming from! But I still love BBags, although I think I might actually sit out the FW07 Violet and Jaune – Violet is too close to my 04 Eggplant, and the Jaune is nothing like my 04 Marigold.

    If you still want BBags, try a different style or a discontinued style.
  9. It sounds like your flat-brass is from the third season, when the leather was tougher than the previous seasons. It's also probably the only FB model where you'd have a serial number (double-sided tag). And the mirror was introduced in either the second or third season, so no doubts there.
  10. Yes, I agree . I had a black 02 fb from season 3 and I have a caramel fb 02 season 3 that have the ecact same leather. Rough and plasticky is exactly how I'd describe it. Very different from the usual leahters. Both had mirrors. Sold the black cause I already had a black 04 city with pewter hw, but still have the caramel.
    Tried softening the leather with AG and LMB's products but no luck. Then massaged the heck out of it with Lubriderm a few times and now the leather is *very* different. Super silky, soft, luscious, more like my 04 or 05 bags. It's perfect now!

  11. can i ask all you experts out there?

    what exactly do you do when you say "massage" the leather with lubriderm?

    i have no idea how to do this? HELP
  12. Take everthing out of the bag, use a couple of squirts unscented Lubriderm, then rub your hands together and rub it into the leather just as if you're moisturinzing your own skin. I used about 6 squirts for my caramel per session. I think I did 3 or 4 sessions over the course of a week til I decided it was perfect.
  13. wow. you are like a professor of balenciaga. v. impressive.:yes:
  14. ^Nope, just a student :amuse:
    although, wouldn't it be nice if this was a career option?
  15. ^^LOL, if so - sign me up!!