I've got two new bags and a picture of my christmas present

  1. I looke at alot of bags yesterday and i had alot of fun! I didn't exspect this outcome but here they are and i love them. I got a really nice painting from my BF for christmas that he had made for me :heart: . He even went to the vuitton store to ask if he was allowed to make such a painting.





  2. More pics... sorry for the outfit i'm lazy today



  3. awww..cute painting!!

    I like how you store you bags!!!!

    you have a mono 25 AND 30?!?

  4. the painting is very cute~you did it?
  5. Congrats!!!! Your BF is sooo sweet:love:
  6. ;) i like painting
  7. So cute, love the painting and the bags :smile:
  8. oh, i like your bag storage!
  9. Cute!!
  10. Soo Cute.
  11. Congrats!!!! :love:
  12. Congrats & very cute painting btw! :biggrin:
  13. Congrats on your new bags! Your bf painting is so cute!
  14. beautiful bags and thanks for the modeling pics..:flowers:
    the painting is really cute!
  15. Cute pics, congrats :biggrin: