I've Got To Stop! Close Bo Buying My 3rd In Less Than A Week

  1. i bougt the classic flap a week ago, just put the order through for the small ultimate soft, and now THISCLOSE to buying the cotton club flap bag, which i don't even know what it looks like. someone stop me?!? need to stop
  2. hahahahah!Ive done even more damage in the last week(FULL MOON???!)...rofl.....go for it...I just ordered the lg cotton club..in black..sight unseen......
  3. Okie...pls stop ...does this helps???
    I dun think so...hehehe
    No damage control..we are partners in "crime" ...in this forum.
  4. put all your credit cards in ice cube trays..and freeze them so you cant use themmm...rofl................................NOT
  5. Like that works when you have your cc # memorized, lol!
  6. ^LMAO!!I know!Phh once took away my Amex a few years back....THEN figured out it was memorized...heehee
  7. I hear you! I have bought 3 since December and am hunting for another! The problem is--which one?!!
  8. I have that problem too.. sometimes i feel like im possessed when i just wanna keep buying more bags. My bag appetite is insatiable! :shame:
  9. exactly, i feel possessed. i just keep wanting and buying and wanting and buying, it doesn't stop. it's lnot like i'm a millionaire or anything like that, ilately, i've been spending waay beyond what i should be. shame on me
  10. Don't feel bad. I have bought 5 chanel bags since I have joined this forum which is only about 2 weeks ago. I bought two classic jumbos(black/beige), one medium classic flap, GST, and medallion tote. I am about to order ultimate soft and re-issue. I am going crazy. I will return GST though;) :crybaby:
  11. did you locate an ultimate soft too?
    as much as everyone seem to love the GST, i'm not really feeling it, it's too big and boxy for my liking and the CC logos are too big. but I LOVE all the classic flaps.
  12. A friend of mine suggested that at the beginning of year set a limit on the number of bags to buy during the year. Let's say I am only going to buy 12 bags this year. I can buy all them in one month, 3 at a time, or 1 per month or however way I want to. But once I get to 12, I am DONE.

    So if you set a limit for yourself, you have to second guess each purchase. Do I really love the bag and the next bag. Because I do all my shopping in the beginning of the year...what if I miss out on the beautiful Fall collection. I know it is hard to stop, trust me I have MANY bags. Many I love but also many regrets, too!

  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: You go girl!!!!! Congrats to everyone on their purchases!!! (btw LOVE the ultimate soft..very tempting..) :heart: Emmy
  14. Such creative suggestions. I go to bed with my mind swirling around Chanel goodies, whether it be bags or necklaces. I was going to say good thing I don't live near a boutique, NM or Saks -- but that's not a good thing at all. Where does one hear about the names for the bags? I don't seen them named in the mags.
  15. omg i so feel u i just got my second chanel i cant buy anymore bags until august wooooooooo