I've got this weird feeling...not sure what's wrong with me? (Long, sorry...)

  1. So last week...I was still bag crazy, dreaming about bag after bag, and even after my splurge at PSN I still thought ahead to November when Tivoli PM/silver Suhali is coming out.

    For some odd reason, after seeing EmilyK's Nimbus/Mahina pictures, I thought about the LV monogram canvas bags and somehow they just don't appeal that much to me any more! I had this weird feeling, looking at a monogram canvas bag felt like looking at another designer brand's bag...no tingly, excited feeling. It's not that I particularly love the Nimbus/Mahina (although they were both gorgeous, Emily) but...I thought, maybe I wanted to own a more slouchy bag.

    I went to bed thinking it may just be a temporary feeling (just like some nights I have the urge to order clothes online but the next day I'm super glad I didn't) but this morning I woke up and felt kind of the same. It felt as if I have no further desire for more canvas bags with the exception of a few that are in my sig. Actually, I thought about the Tivoli PM (which I was crazy about at one point) and asked myself, "Do I really NEED another monogram handheld??"

    The Suhali, on the other hand, still excites me. I'm paying the rest of my plum Le Tal on Tuesday (I was SO tempted to do that today since the exchange rate CAD/US is AMAZING!!! But I can't since I have a ton of Univ. stuff on my Visa I use for Paypal payments) and somehow that is really the only thing I'm excited about: I want my Le Tal. Afterwards? Not sure. (Well I'm excited for the silver Suhali wallet too...although it's pretty pricey I admit). I probably won't get another bag for awhile. I was supposed to get the Damier Saleya MM or another Damier tote during the Alberta Meet but I'm saving that for later now.

    I talked to my boyfriend about it and asked if it could be that my desire for LV canvas handbags is going down?? I was actually thinking of expanding into different lines of LV like the Onatah GM (the leather feels so nice) but I'm not 100% sure that I'd like how the bag looks on my shoulder since I've played with the Pochette Onatah and it looked a little weird when I put my stuff in it. Plus, well, I won't be able to get it anyway because it'd take me forever to save for one and by the time I have enough funds I bet the desire would cool off.

    I thought about expanding into Chanel and Gucci (I've been looking at Chanel bags on eBay and on the web site lately) although...I'm not sure about moving onto another brand right now, it's not particularly of interest to me.

    I used my PH today and just didn't feel any excitement to use it...it was just...a bag. I thought of my fav mono bag, Beverly MM (just did) and it still gives me the tinglies but I don't know...I just don't feel that the love I had for my bags is as strong as before.

    Not sure what I'm going through, perhaps I'm going through a "down phase" that everyone goes through at one point, or maybe it's because I've been buying bags so much that I'm simply getting bored with them. Maybe I need to space out my purchases?

    Or maybe it's because I started school this week and knowing that I won't make much money during the school year I should maybe cool off my obsession a bit?

    Whatever it is...I think I'm going to try to cut down spending on LV for a bit after my Le Tal is paid off. I think that bag should keep me occupied for a few months, and I've considered actually pushing the Saleya MM all the way back to after Christmas (which is rare for me, since I want everything ASAP!), buying it with whatever leftover money I have from Christmas shopping.

    Maybe this will get me excited for LV again.

    What do you think? Sorry for the super long rant.
  2. I was also thinking of completely ditching the Saleya MM, however, it would probably become the most practical bag in my collection and I still kind of want one.

    I was thinking, that money could go towards more expensive gifts for Christmas for my friends, family, and boyfriend this year :idea: My boyfriend spoils me and I want to get really nice gifts for him and there are THREE occasions in December: his birthday, our anniversary, Christmas and I have three separate things in mind for the three separate occasions (Damier wallet for bday, Nixon watch for annivesary, new shoes for Christmas) and totally ditching the Saleya would really help...but DBF's Christmas present will be helping me fund a bag (Saleya) so I don't know how it would work if I ditched the Saleya totally :p
  3. I agree with this part. :yes:
  4. i agree that maybe you may want to space out your purchases so you have more time to enjoy them.

    i've gone through phases where certain bags i have just don't do it for me. i find that rotating all my bags (using one for a week then switching out) really rekindled my love for my damier speedy.
  5. Only two replys but yeah I agree that I gotta stop :sweatdrop: I went to Sephora yesterday and spent $34 and felt GUILTY coming out of the store. Thing is I needed the mascara because the tube I have is like...6 months old!!! :sweatdrop: I think I'll feel happier with more money in my bank account all the time so I can buy clothes and makeup when I want to without feeling guilty...
  6. I feel you, karman.. I once getting bored from one line.. seem you have too many purses & accessories from the same line, maybe in this case, Mono canvas. Perhaps you need something different from your collection.. a variety.. and a cooling down moment.. buy something else,.. there's lot different style of purses from different brands.. I love LV.. but recently I just couldn't take my eyes off Chanel.. lol.. (sorry..)

    HTH :heart:
  7. ROFL - I totally know what you mean! It kinda parallels hooking up with some random person when you're drunk at a bar some night! :roflmfao:

    Seriously, I think you're going through a normal down period. Back when I got a bunch of stuff in a month, I felt the same thing... just kinda blah.

    Also, I went through a little mini-anti LV period and bought some Chanel things. That lasted about a month and now I'm back into LV...

    I consider it all to be a normal cycle - as far as sometimes feeling blah about a certain brand, etc.

    Now, as far as spacing things out and not spending so much... I'm all in for that. It's so easy to get wrapped up in a frenzy coming to tPF everyday. A lot of us (myself included) have totally lost touch with reality in terms of how much things cost, how much things should cost, how much "normal" :graucho: people spend on things like bags. I'd love to build my bank account back up as well.

    Sounds like you're pretty content for the time being. Just enjoy it! And hope it lasts a long time! lol
  8. Well, the thing is, I have variety in my collection...I think I have...5 mono bags. Out of my entire collection I only have 5 mono bags. I have MC, I have mini lin, I have seasonal collection, I have Damier, I have pink CB, I have vernis...

    (Picture isn't updated...I did add PH, MC Aurelia, sell Damier Sarria mini)

    I don't think the feeling is really coming from having too many mono bags...it's just I don't feel desire for any more LV bags in general (except Suhali which...well, it's because I don't own a piece yet).
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. I think you got Biten by the LE bug and those are the symptoms...

    I'd say if you are not happy with you'r mono sale it and get what you trully desire.
  11. I soooo have the LE / super expensive not LE (suhali, onatah) bug now. :sad:
  12. I really have no desire to sell any of my collection right now...and I really have no desire for any LE bags (Mirage, Olympe don't really do it for me)...lol so unfortunately that doesn't apply to me.

    Besides...to be honest I wouldn't get much money for my mono pieces that I'm willing to sell anyway (Batignolles, Pap 26) since they are such small pieces and I've used them so much. And there's no way I'm selling my Beverly and my PH which is only one week old.
  13. Karman,I pretty much feel this way too.Just yesterday I sold off my epi passy (in red) as I rationaled that since this is a 'very working' bag for me and that I won't be using it as much as before, i decided to just sell it away and keep the cash instead. And today my DH was telling me to save my $ and not buy so many unnecessary bags, he felt that with all these $ saved eventually I could go for a trip to Europe:yes: and i realised that hey he is right..Just a few staple bags and that should be more than enough for me.

    I found it very irony when I felt 'heartpain' at spending few hundreds on a Tokidokis than to a few thousand on a much branded bag.. sigh.. and I realised if i could just control my urge to splurge on LVs or any other branded bags, I would have so much excess cash to play with... :crybaby:so now, I'm going to ease off and stop all my buying... and don't feel weird pls, you aren't the only one with these feelings i believed..

    And frankly my ultimate dream has always been to keep a piece of a LV line and it hasnt' come true yet..judging from your collection, I say you certainly have a bag for all ocassions, so enjoy it for the longest time while building up that bank account!!!!!
  14. karman i think you're having the same feelings i have. the canvas bags don't wow me anymore either. at least the mono ones. damier still might have a little something there and i still love azur. but i posted a thread a couple months ago asking, "ever feel like you're just done with mono?" i don't want to buy anymore mono bags. i loved the mini noe i tried on at the store a couple weeks ago but put it down because it's mono. i'll wait until i can special order it in damier or azur. but i still love love love suhali. i drool over those bags. and the mirage speedy because it's LE and a total revamp of mono. that bag is my :heart: right now and definitely wows me. but from now on i am not going to buy something unless it really, really wows me. or it's something i pine for. but honestly, once i get the suhali lockit pm and le fab, + one more regular damier bag and the azur hampstead, i too think i will be done. i have a lot. and i won't sell any of them. (lol watch me say this now and then they a. come out with a beautiful new vernis that i "must have," b. come out with an amazing spring line that i "must have," or c. come out with a new style in something other than mono (like sunset blvd.) that i "must have." lol otherwise i will come to LV to purchase a work bag. from there, if they come out with something i want, i'm sure by that point there will be bags i haven't used in a while. sell them off and buy new.
  15. Well, the problem seems perhaps you already have most of the LV line.. you're losing your desire to collect since your collection is almost completed! ... variety of brand might help you.. Chanel.. Miu Miu.. :smile: lol