I've Got the Sickness!!! *pics*

Wild Orchid

Feb 23, 2007
I can officially say I'm addicted. Yes, you're right, I just posted two days ago that I bought a few things. Had to go out of state again and DH suggested I see if my fave SA was working and we could buy something small. So we went cuz I did want to see her.

I have to first admit I was WRONG. Saw the Neverfull sizes today and I adored the small one so I HAD to add my name to the list. Was not sure before this. Confirmed that I did want the mini pochette with B&T logo as it's SO cute!

So after today's purchases I'm banned until the Neverfull, MP, Amarante, or Miroir are available. I know for sure the Neverfull and MP I can have at the end of June. *hides wallet* until then.

The purchases:

Cles to match what the pomme doesn't match well with, framboise organizer for summer (so freakin excited cuz it was not in the store on Tuesday), and LVOE earrings. Wanted a framboise cles but no luck so I will have to search.

Anyhow, no more shopping until specified items arrive. And blame my DH cuz he sooooooo enabled me!!!