I've Got the Sickness!!! *pics*

  1. I can officially say I'm addicted. Yes, you're right, I just posted two days ago that I bought a few things. Had to go out of state again and DH suggested I see if my fave SA was working and we could buy something small. So we went cuz I did want to see her.

    I have to first admit I was WRONG. Saw the Neverfull sizes today and I adored the small one so I HAD to add my name to the list. Was not sure before this. Confirmed that I did want the mini pochette with B&T logo as it's SO cute!

    So after today's purchases I'm banned until the Neverfull, MP, Amarante, or Miroir are available. I know for sure the Neverfull and MP I can have at the end of June. *hides wallet* until then.

    The purchases:


    Cles to match what the pomme doesn't match well with, framboise organizer for summer (so freakin excited cuz it was not in the store on Tuesday), and LVOE earrings. Wanted a framboise cles but no luck so I will have to search.

    Anyhow, no more shopping until specified items arrive. And blame my DH cuz he sooooooo enabled me!!!
  2. Ohhhh, congrats!!!! That Framboise Agenda is just stunning. Damn, now I want one. :woohoo::sweatdrop:
  3. Congrats!!!
  4. congrats !
  5. Congrats ...great purchases:heart:
  6. Congrat's i love it all!
  7. Beautiful stuff, congratulations!
  8. Love it all!
  9. LV disease is contagious! :yes: Your goodies are so beautiful. I love the earrings! Good choices!
  10. I'm glad you're enjoying your purchased, I love what you picked!
  11. Congrats its gorgeous!
  12. Congrats!
  13. Doctor, we have a certifiable one here...:biggrin:
    She's got beautiful visions of fleurs, candy and fluffy whiteness swimming in her head :graucho:
  14. Congrats! LOVE those earings
  15. Congrats. They're all lovely.