I've got the purse, now I need a new wallet!

  1. Hello again!

    I can't wait to start carrying the beautiful new BH I got for my birthday, but it makes my old Ralph Lauren wallet look really old! So here is my dilemma, do I get a new Ralph Lauren wallet (see below) AND the Zippy Coin Purse which I think is just too cute, or do I spend the money I would spend on both those items (around $600) and get a bigger Mono wallet instead?

    What do you all carry in your Mono bags?
  2. How about the Zippy coin purse and a Wapity or mini pochette? I love the Zippy coin purse but I also use the mini pochette for extra credit cards, receipts, bills, etc.

    Happy Belated B-Day! Congrats on the new BH!!!
  3. Just get a new big LV wallet
  4. get the lv wallet and it really worthy for money !
  5. Happy Birthday, and enjoy carrying your beautiful new BH! If you really loved your Ralph Lauren wallet - then go ahead and get another. But do take the time to look at some of the lovely styles that LV has. A beautiful vernis wallet really adds a nice pop of color inside of your purse.
  6. I use the mono zippy wallet! I love it!!!! I actually use it with all my LV bags.
  7. congrats!
  8. Get the mono zippy wallet - it's gorgeous and you'll have it for so many years!
  9. I'd skip the RL and get an LV wallet. I don't like mono wallets with mono bags, though, so I'd get something like the Eugenie in Epi.
  10. Yeah - don't mix your designers! ; ) Just kidding...really though, get an LV wallet.
  11. I would get an LV wallet in vernis. The colors are fab!!
  12. I would get a mono wallet.. it will stand the test of time.
    Congrats on the new BH!!
  13. How about a Vernis wallet in POMME ... it's tdf and will match most LV bags and any other designers for that matter.

  14. I agree. I love the monogram Zippy wallet. It is sleek and stylish and very well organized. I have two Zippy wallets, and they are the best wallets I have ever used.

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  15. I say get a bigger LV wallet.