I've got that Itch Again..


Which one?!?!

  1. Saleya

  2. Hampstead

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  1. Which do you suggest Damier Saleya GM or Hampstead?
  2. Saleya GM!!!! It's so stunning! Though I love Damier, Hampstead is just not my cup of tea.
  3. Definitely the Saleya. When I finally saw the Hampstead IRL last week, the handles felt like plastic and kinda stiff... :s
  4. ^ITA....i tried the hampstead on last week and it was really plasticky. the saleya felt so much nicer.
  5. Saleya! It's such a gorgeous bag
  6. I like the saleya!
  7. Yeppers!! :yes:
  8. I don't have either. But I like saleya over Hampstead.
  9. Saleya
  10. saleya.
  11. saleyaaa!!
  12. Saleya!!
  13. I seem to be alone picking the Hampstead....
  14. Tough choice, but I'd go with the Saleya. I just love my MM. Plus I'm not sure if I like the big brass plate on the front of the Hampstead. I would think that the Hampstead straps would be more comfy on the shoulders than the rolled handles of the Saleya, though.
  15. i really didnt like the hampstead..saleya wins!