I've got myself a PINK Speedy...

  1. Hi everyone! It's my 1st thread, 1st post and here I am all upset over my 1st, 1 and only LV bag(an Azur Speedy 30). Sigh...here's the story...

    Couple days back, my friend(whom I've not seen for ages) and I went for our dinner at a restaurant. The waitress attending to us was so nice to arrange an extra chair for my bag. I was feeling happy at how things were going great then.
    Just as the food was being served, another waitress spilled chilli sauce all over my bag! I was shocked:wtf: when I saw the mess but had to remain calm and composed. I couldn't bring myself to tell the waitress off as she looked apologetic. I had to keep reassuring her with "It's ok. Just carry on with your work. :smile:" before she would get back to her work.
    Without much delay, I quickly took out baby wipes(I carry them with me all the time:rolleyes:) and started the major cleaning up. But no matter how hard I tried, the stain was big deal! Handles stained red and the Azur turned pink! I could sense myself on the verge of tears and feeling faint already, when I overheard the next table had a couple talking bad about me. Dialogue as follow:
    Girl: Look at that lady. She's so fake! Her bag got damaged and she's still so nice to the waitress?
    Boy: Oh well. What do you know? She's carrying LV ya know? Of course she has to ACT HIGH CLASS! It's LVeee you know? LVeeeee...
    * The following conversation ended with both looking at me laughing their heads off. *
    Upon hearing this, I was so so so upset I teared a bit. The whole dinner date was ruined by my mood. My friend felt so sorry too for bringing me there. We just left the food untouched, paid the bill and head out of the restaurant. On the way back, I just keep looking at my bag, feeling sorry.

    After so many days, the stain is still there. I'll be bringing it in to LV and let the professionals assess the condition. Wondering, should I change the leather handles? That'll burn a hole in my pocket then. *Dilemma* But even if handles solved, the canvas is still stained. :sad: The more I look and think about my bag, the more upset I am. I just feel like throwing it away and not having to see it again(I know that's nuts to say).

    Sorry for the long rant. I'm already feeling very sick and a little depressed now. Looking at my bag just made me felt worse. :crybaby: And this seems the perfect place for me to seek solace.

    Thanks all for tolerating with me...
  2. OMG!!!! :shocked: So sorry this happened to you. What happened to your bag is a total nightmare and I understand you being upset about that, however, you shouldn't let other people's rude comments affect you. They mentioned you had to act HIGH CLASS and let me tell you that you do have a lot of class as you remained calm and composed while this horrible accident took place PLUS you did not reply to their super rude comments.
  3. wow, im so sorry about what happened. i cant believe how calm you were about it. i would have asked to see the manager and i would have asked them to replace my bag.
  4. awww, i'm so sorry for your lost. that's so sad. those people were really mean. how big is the stain? maybe you could try something a little stronger on it to remove the stain. have you tried anything else?
  5. Same here, or at least have them pay for it to be cleaned and have the handles replaced.
    I'm sorry about the rudeness of some people, I hate when people have such attitudes and assumptions about LV.
  6. oh my God...I'm so sorry to hear that
    don't mind those rude comments from some stupid jerks *hugz*
    you handled the situation really well

    hope lv boutique will find some way to save your speedy..good luck
  7. Why on earth are you contemplating paying for this yourself? Go down there and chat with the manager. Explain what happened.. surely, after one waitress getting you a chair to put your bag on and everything they can't say the staff didn't know it was there, even though it wasn't that one who spilt it.

    You did well to remain so composed through all this. I'd be just as nice and calm when you speak to the manager, but definitely do it. :tup:
  8. Sorry to hear that. That's a fear of mine actually, but for sure go talk to the experts at the boutique and then assess your options. If it's too expensive for repairs, maybe just buy a new one?
  9. i have to applaud you for your composure. i'm sorry that there were obnoxious people making stupid assumptions about you and your bag. even though it was an accident, you remained calm and kind to the waitress (which it was nice to hear that she was apologetic. can't stand it when people don't take responsibility for their actions). i think that its a good idea to see if the restaurant can compensate you somehow for this.
  10. I'm sorry to hear it. You really handle it very well. I hope LV could do something about the handles and poor Azur. Hugs~~~
  11. Dear all, thanx for all the replies...been comforting somehow. As to why I didn't seek compensation? The reason being a manager did come up to talk to me. All they offered was complimentary soup and a 10% off my bill? I don't know whether to laugh or cry at that. And at that point of time, I was so distraught my mind was BLANK. Trust me..I would have forgotten my name I think.
    Thus I wasn't able to talk terms with anyone at all. Plus the people there was already trying to avoid me like they know it's something big deal if they had to compensate. Oh well, I guess it's just my string of bad luck?? :sad: Cos, to add on, my family car got scratched too when i drove it out. :crybaby:
  12. Do you have contents insurance? I would look into that.
  13. oh my god.feel so sorry for you.. please be patient ok.
  14. That's not all you have to settle for though, just because it's all they offered. And it's good in fact that you didn't accept this, as they may later turn around and say that you settled for that as compensation. These bags cost hundreds, it sounds as good as ruined, I'd be seeing the manager and if then you have no luck, see a solicitor about your options. You don't go into a restaurant wearing a rubber suit to protect yourself and your belongings from clumsy serving girls, because this shouldn't happen - it's their fault, they should pay for it. Definitely find out where you stand on this, because otherwise you're going to be hundreds of dollars out of pocket. :yes:
  15. Sorry to hear about this, and I agree with FrankieP - the restaurant was negligent and you shouldn't have to compensate that with your own finance.