I've got my first two Jenny Yuen bags!

  1. 1st pic is of the Gatsby

    2nd Pic at the bottom is the Jenny Yuen Cleo clutch :heart: So elegant!
    CIMG4387.JPG CIMG4405.JPG
  2. Here are some better pics of the Cleo Clutch from bagtrends.com
    JY006.jpg JY006_details.jpg
  3. Ohhhh... I have been lusting after both those bags! I just love the designs (the wristlet strap detaches, yay!) and the leather looks lovely. Care to post your impressions? I'm having serious bag envy here. :drool:
  4. wow, congratulation :yes:
    can u describe the leather on the bag?

  5. They look great! I really like her fall metallic colors. I have the Sherlock in pale pink that I got from the sample sale. Couldn't beat the price, but I kind of wish I held out for the metallic rose or the bronze.
  6. The clutch looks drool worthy!
  7. would love to hear a full report Gung! and also where did you get them? i'm looking for the Gatsby in almond or sapphire or bronze but not finding those colors out there (bagtrends, lunaboston) and the jennwashere.com site is still being renovated. Delcina has it in sapphire but it's for pre-order and i'm an instant gratification sort :smile:
  8. Love them. Congrats. I have four JY bags including the cleo in metallic rose.
  9. Gorgeous. The design... the colors... the leather!
  10. Congrats!!
  11. Gorgeous bags, I would love to buy one of her bags but I have never seen one IRL.
  12. Congrats- the leahter looks lovely!
  13. Ooooo I like them both!!

    Congrats and enjoy!!
  14. The blue one is GORGEOUS!!!
  15. Love the leather and the colors . . .looks so thick and lush. And the classic shapes are amazing, too. This is definately going to make me look at her bags more. Do any larger stores carry her bags?