I've got it on hold with Bluefly...should I get the brown or black gauffre?

  1. I'm not sure how much longer the hold will be for.
    I've got the brown gauffre bowler in my cart.
    The difference will work out to roughly $500 between what I paid for the black and the brown colour offered on bluefly.
    Is it worth it? I've got a chanel in brown already.....so I'm not sure if I should get another brown bag.
    Gosh...all these decisions.

    Thanks guys!
  2. any pics?
    i would personally get the black since you have a brown chanel already
  3. oh well....bluefly made my decision for me....as it's out of my shopping cart and out of stock :biggrin:
    looks like it's black for me.
    Thanks for your input laksalala.
  4. Bluefly holds items in shopping cart for an hour and then release them. Bluefly is on extra 10% off sale today. They always remove hot items during the sale and will put them back by tomorrow. I just know it since it happened so many times in the past. You probably will see them back to the list by tomrrow.

    I have both brown and black Gauffre bowler and I like them equally. My brown bowler has that Antik effect. Some people think some Antik the black doesn't blend in well into the brown. I am not sure if Bluefly's brown bowler has Antik effect, but you may need to take that into your consideration.

    Don't give up, they will be back to Bluefly soon.
  5. Definitely check first thing in the morning. That black bag was around late last night.
  6. The brown bowler is available on BF right now.
  7. did you get your bag already? i personally like the antik brown gauffre. without the antik effect, perhaps black is nicer.