I've got GAS!

  1. In my car, that is. Okay, I'm a nerd, sorry!

    I just had a question about gasoline. I have a Lexus and I was wondering if I'm really supposed to use premium or is that all bull? Also, am I only supposed to go to the "expensive" gas stations or is QuikTrip okay? Gas prices are getting higher and higher so I need to know if I'm paying extra for nothing! :crybaby:
  2. You should user the higher end gas...it has cleaners in it that your fuel injectors need.
  3. ^ so is QT a no no?
  4. You really really really should use the premium that is recommended and switching between different octanes of gas is a huge no-no. Gas is gas and the octane levels are listed on the pump. Whether you go to one gas station or another doesn't really matter, just try to avoid going when the truck is there filling up the station, it stirs up the sediments in the underground tanks. My boyfriend is actually in the process of selling his VW GTI 1.8T because it requires premium and seems to guzzle gas (partially my fault... I make him drive me everywhere, hehe!)
  5. I have heard that Chevron has the best gasoline...the 91 octane gas is all that my SO will put in his new truck! :smile:
  6. LOVE the title of this thread by the way! :smile:
  7. Hi Sina,
    Perhaps your owner's manual mentions the type of gas your car needs. I think I read that in my BF's car manual.
  8. ya it says premium but I'm wondering if that is all bull?
  9. If it says premium, stick with premium. That's the only thing I can recommend. I hang around a bunch of car-buff guys whose cars all take premium so I get to listen to their little rants all the time. However, I've always heard if it says premium, stick with it.
  10. I work for Chevron, so all I can say is...YAY! :happydance:
  11. My owner's manual on mine says regular so that's what I get. Just go by the manual. My parent's cars take premium and one time my dad put in the mid grade in one of them, and he noticed that the car idled a lot more than normal.
    So if it says premium, stick to it. :yes:
  12. I have a Lexus and I put regular in it. The guy at the dealer told me once to use some premium to flush it out or something but I didn't do it much and it seems fine. Maybe after years it'll make a difference but mine is a 2001 and it runs great.
  13. I would stick with premium. I think in the long run, your car will run better if you use the higher octane gas.
  14. I have a Lexus and I use regular. My parents are getting me a new Lexus come next May, maybe I'll have to use premium then...right now I have an older model Lexus from when I was in high school, and I doubt it matters at this point what goes into it. It's running pretty darn well for the number of miles it has! :smile: