I've got a Wallet habit

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  1. Yes you do, lol! Lovely!
  2. I must say, that is very nice. I can count on one hand how many wallets I've had my whole life - with fingers to spare. Can't say the same for purses though!
  3. There is nothing wrong with that. I only have 1 wallet, but a ton of handbags.
  4. awesome!!!
  5. great collection! i had a thing for wallets too... I couldn't get enough in every color, but then realized I more of a one wallet kind of girl. i couldn't use them fast enough! I hope yours gets plenty of love!
  6. looove wallets! i think more so than bags! haha yet sadly i change purses more than i do the wallets which i have more of....go figure.
  7. Haha it's ok cause I have a small leather accessories habit...

    by the way, gorgeous wallets
  8. Nice wallet collection! :biggrin:
  9. Great collection, love that you incorporate colors as well as neutrals!!
  10. Gorgeous! I love the paisley print continental wallet. Can you tell me what brand it is?
  11. Nice collection. I have plenty myself!! Nothing wrong w/ that! :smile:)
  12. You might have a wallet habit but you sure have great taste!
  13. i love wallets too. they probably give you the best bang for your buck since it's used so often.
  14. I am IN a wallet habit so you are not alone. I went from having 3 to having now..*counts*...8...err 9 XD And there is at least still 2 more I want *hides*